WIP ME INSPIRED: Robyn Rychards

Robyn Rychards
Robyn Rychards

Robyn Rychards

We all know (and sometimes feel) the Monday-itis drain, but rather than give in it, lets kick-start Monday with some inspiration and Creative Conversations!

Robyn Rychards admits she hasn’t always enjoyed reading but after the first Harlequin Romance novel (given to her by her grandmother!), she fell in love with reading and subsequently (when her teenage funds would allow no more book-buying) began writing. Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, with four school-aged children, Robyn is finally back into writing and sharing her happily-ever-afters with us.

Please enjoy this first WIP Me Inspired post from Robyn:


Thanks for having me today J’aimee!  Right now I have several manuscripts I’m working on, something I never thought would be the case to be honest, because when I first started writing I wouldn’t start a new manuscript until I’d finished the one I was working on.  Lately I have been fixing the ending on Dancing With the Best Man so it’s on my mind.  As most of you may have guessed Dancing With the Stars was the inspiration for me.  And of course, this guy:

Maksim Chmerkovskiy (supplied by Robyn Rychards)

Maksim Chmerkovskiy (supplied by Robyn Rychards)

Once the idea is sparked, the real work begins.

I’d read several romance stories that have a professional dancer as the heroine, not quite so many with the hero as the dancer, but I wanted to do something a little different.  And I didn’t want the setting to be a dance competition like Dancing With the Stars because I’m too unfamiliar with that sort of Hollywood stuff.  I also wanted it to have some kind of twist that would set it apart from the usual dancing story.

So, here’s the blurb that describes Dancing With the Best Man:

Jade Nichols is the first to admit she has some issues.   That she doesn’t like physical contact is most likely the biggest one.  But she’d do anything for her  sister Lexi.  Including be the maid of honor in Lexi’s wedding and take dance lessons from celebrity dancer, Alejandro Rivera.  Though it may end up giving her a nervous breakdown.

Alejandro Rivera only cares about two things; dancing and his dance studio for underprivileged children.  Women?  Well, they’re just something for him to enjoy whenever he feels the need.  And Jade Nichols?  One screwed up mess he could well do without.  So, why can’t he stop thinking about her, or keep his hands off her for that matter?

What could be more fun to write than a heroine who doesn’t want to be touched and a hero who has, as I call it, touching OCD?  And as far as their issues go, that’s just scratching the surface!

Right now, I don’t have a release date or a cover for this story, but I can share the pictures I used as Alejandro and Jade’s inspiration.


Inspiration for Alejandro and Jade (supplied by Robyn Rychards)

Inspiration for Alejandro and Jade (supplied by Robyn Rychards)

Yes, Alejandro is a yummy Latin from Puerto Rico with a Spanish accent.

Jade is an accountant born and raised in Los Angeles, California who is a rather sassy nerd.

Right from the start they are thrown together and have their personal issues exposed to each other, which normally they are rather adept at keeping to themselves.  They are surprised to discover that the other has some magical ability to help them cope with their problem rather than be crippled by it.  Let the fun begin!

But right now, I’m still working on giving them the happy ever after they deserve.  And I will try not to make everyone wait too long to enjoy their story.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t had the chance already, you can read my other books, Her Man From Shilo and Her Knight in Shining Armour, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other major e-tailers, as well as Escape Publishing.


WIN an e-copy of Her Man From Shilo simply by leaving your name and email address in the comments below. We’ll choose a random winner this Friday 11th April.



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