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WIP Me Inspired
Louise Roberts

I have always loved history and English literature ever since school days which is perhaps why I did so well at them. Although my serious writing career didn’t really take off until the 1990s I nurtured my creativeness with poetry, short stories and painting land and seascapes in oils and acrylics since my early teens.

It made sense that when I began to write romance novels I would stick to a genre I enjoyed; namely the 16th to 19th centuries.

Having written and published three books during that dedicated timeframe I thought perhaps I should try something new with the next novel.

Affectionately yours… is my current Work In Progress and is set during World War Two. I was inspired into writing it by a story I had heard on how my in-laws met. Although I have used fictitious names I will be dedicating the book to them in memorandum. During the outbreak of the Second World War, in Britain, women were encouraged to write letters to the men on the front line. For Jean this would lead to a friendship with Bill, an anti-aircraft gunner with the Royal Artillery. The question on everyone’s mind was would their friendship develop into romance or would the war ruin any hope of happiness?

The following snippet is taken from chapter 4… Bill had fallen for Jean from the first moment he had set eyes on her, and he too was trying to come to terms with this new found romance. He had never known anyone like Jean. Apart from being beautiful, she had a contagious laugh and a sense of humour which was like a breath of fresh air. He looked into her sparkling eyes as they seemed to be suggesting that she was undergoing an inner conflict of whether to let him take her now or wait a little while longer. Bill made the decision for her as he picked her up in his strong muscular arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her down, he knelt on the floor beside her and kissed her gently.

“Are you sure?” he asked kindly.

In response she kissed him back and encouraged him onto the bed beside her. They slowly undressed each other both seemingly new at such an activity; each taking care not to appear over-zealous. Once naked they slid under the bedclothes and wrapping themselves in their arms kissed and caressed until nature took its course and made love.

The light outside was fading. Being winter the days were short and although only mid-afternoon it was already getting dark. Jean and Bill lay in each other’s arms keeping warm under the blankets.

I still have a long way to go before the story is finished… but as they say you can’t hurry a good thing?



About the Author:
Louise Roberts was born in Alexandria, Egypt in August 1951 to British parents by Maltese descent. Following the Suez Crisis in November 1956 her parents were compelled to abandon their assets and home, and leave the country as political refugees. Louise Roberts grew up and was educated in London, England and has always held a passion for history and English Literature.

In 1988 she immigrated to Sydney, Australia and presently lives with her family in the northern bushland suburb of Berowra, which is located just south of the Hawkesbury River.

She began writing adult romance fiction in the late 1990′s. Her first novel was Beneath Southern Stars was e-published on Smashwords in 2012. Since then she has written a sagaThe Sword and the Rose due to be e-published in April 2014 by Secret Cravings Publishing. This is expected to be released in print in October 2014.

In June 2014 Secret Cravings Publishing will be releasing  her third book, a novella which is a follow on from The Sword and the Rose which is entitled Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms.

Louise is currently writing her fourth novel which is set during World War Two in London during The Blitz.


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