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Mistletoe Madness with Rhian Cahill


What are your plans for Christmas 2014?
Early morning opening of Santa Sacks for the three kids that still live at home. Once that’s done there’ll be fights over who gets the shower first before we all pile into cars and head for the in-laws and the huge family Christmas lunch with the 40 or so immediate family members.


Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
The usual Christmas includes over eating and drinking and don’t get me started on the amount of wrapping paper that gets thrown out.

Rhian Cahill 2


Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree?
Any gift? Wow there are so many things I could write here.


What is a typical Christmas lunch and/or dinner at your house?
We have a mix of cold and hot foods. The traditional English roast which seems stupid when it’s the middle of summer here in Australia. Of course we’ve added our own twist and there’s usually salad and cold meat too.

Rhian Cahill 1


Tell us, what is the one dish that gets served every single year? Is there a story behind this?
Christmas pudding. It’s a family tradition that’s been handed down to the next generation but it’s still prepared in the same way Grandma Sinclair always made it.


Your best Silly Season survival tip?
Stay sane? Seriously though, it’s easy to let the season and the madness of it all get to you but try to remember that even though you’d like to strange cousin Ed it would be really frown upon to ask the rest of the family help hide the body. 🙂


What will you be reading this Christmas?
OMG! ALL the books I haven’t had time for this year! Bring on the holiday reading!


What have been your big achievements in 2014?
Not getting carted off to jail. No really, it was a possibility. The Kid completed his final year of high school and for a while there it looked like I’d have to kill him. L But we made it. Just.


What are your plans/goals for 2015?
Write more. Be more organized. *lmao* Try to make the most of every day.



A Touch of Frost
Rhian Cahill

International bestselling author Rhian Cahill kicks off a steamy new holiday series about a very Christmas-y company and the three directors who need more than a little mistletoe.

Jack had a great reason to be over Christmas: it’s not seasonal blues, it’s his family business, and there’s only so much tinsel you can have in your life without feeling bah-humbug about it. But this year is different. He’s home after a long absence, with fences to mend and bridges to build and a commitment to change he intends to keep.

Elle loves Christmas, and she is not about to let an arrogant Scrooge like Jack Frost ruin it for her. He might have her libido flashing like fairy lights, but she’s been burned by a guy on the rebound before and she doesn’t need a Boxing Day bargain boyfriend.

But there’s more than a little magic in mistletoe, and it may just see Elle and Jack ringing in a very happy new year.

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