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The Christmas Countdown has begun!!

There’s Mistletoe Madness afoot at AusRomToday with a month of giveaways, competitions, Christmas cheer and romantic rendezvous with Aussie authors!

AusRomToday has compiled *the* ultimate Aussie Christmas-themed romance novels AND a mega Christmas Extravaganza giveaway that will last all month in December!

You’ll have the chance to win big with a major book prize haul up for grabs as well as weekly Amazon and iBooks gift cards, merchandise and much more!






Day 1: Anna Clifton

Day 2: Jenny Schwartz

Day 3: Carla Caruso

Day 4: A Season to Remember anthology

Day 5: Amy Andrews

Day 6: Annie Seaton

Day 7: Constance Masters

Day 8: Rhian Cahill

Day 9: Brenda Gayle

Day 10: Anna Campbell

Day 11: Juliet Madison

Day 12: Marion Lennox

Day 13: Noelle Clark

Day 14: Louise Reynolds

Day 15: Fiona Greene

Day 17: Frances Housden

Day 18: Michelle Douglas

Day 19: Jennie Jones

Day 20: Alissa Callen

Day 21: Rebecca Raisin

Day 22: Cherry Shepherd

Day 23: Susanne Bellamy

Day 24: Lexxie Couper




Get the AusRomToday Christmas Extravaganza EXCLUSIVES here:
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  1. cassandrasamuels // November 3, 2014 at 1:24 pm // Reply

    Sounds awesome.

  2. What a wonderful thing to look forward to!

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