My Ten Must-Haves


My Ten Must-Haves with Rachael Johns

You simply can’t talk about romance and the fine line of work/life balance without consulting one of Australia’s busiest and most successful rural romance authors, Rachael Johns!

We chatted with Rachael recently about the top ten things she needs to get through the day… You might be surprised!




Rachael Johns’ Ten Must Haves

My family – my hubby, my boys and my gorgeous mum.


My electric blanket – oh how I love this appliance. There is nothing better than sliding into warm sheets on a freezing cold night. Or day – I use my bed often as a winter office.


Diet Coke – it’s an addiction. A bad one apparently, but you know what? I don’t smoke, I rarely drink alcohol, I don’t even drink tea or coffee… everyone needs a vice and I do limit my intake J


My laptop – I ummed and ahhed about this one cos I can do a lot of what I do on my phone or iPad, but in the end, I prefer writing on my Mac Book more than anything else and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write.


My cat and my dog – I love my animals and can’t imagine a house without them, even if the latter does leave hair EVERYWHERE and try and destroy pretty much everything we own.


Books – I’m a writers. Writers are book addicts. Nuff said.


Some form of chocolate substance – often Tim Tams, sometimes Kit Kats, but almost any chocolate will do.


My hair straightener – my hair is neither straight nor curly, I’ve never tried to go the curly route but I love it SO much better when I make the effort with my straightener.


My passport – it’s the ticket to a whole host of amazing places and possibilities. Last place I used it to go was America, where I spent an unforgettable and life-changing week in New Orleans.


Romance Writers of Australia – through them I have learnt so much and met so many amazing people who have become truly good friends.



My latest release, Outback Ghost, is the third book in my Bunyip Bay series, which reveals mysteries sown in the earlier books. I love the tagline for this book: A story of mystery, heartache and hope.

outback ghost final


What I’m working on now: The Family Curse (working title) – this is a little different to my other books and is more women’s fiction than romance as it centres around the lives of four sisters who discover a family curse they knew nothing about.


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3 Comments on My Ten Must-Haves

  1. What a great list Rachel! I saw your book in Target the other day, I’ll post a picture for you! 😀

  2. Lovely post, Rach! I love my laptop – best thing ever! And as for RWA – best decision I ever made was joining!

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