My Ten Must-Haves


My Ten Must-Haves with Amy Andrews

So… she writes some of *the* hottest romance in Australia at the moment, so what does Amy Andrews need to keep her going?!




Okay, well firstly I’m going to exclude family and friends from this because they are a given!

iPad – I love this device beyond all reason. In fact I never would have thought I could love a device. But I heart that thing bad. It goes everywhere with me.

Books – Always and forever. Make me laugh and sigh and I will be your devoted reader forever!

TV – My day is not complete without relaxing in front of the tele of a night time. I am a huge TV junkie.

Wine – See, I bet people who know me thought I was going to put it first! No. But I do love it way more than I should J

Twitter – I love the challenged of being pithy and witty all at once. And deciding which grammatical error you’re going to need to perform to get what you want to say into 140 characters.

Travel – My mother taught us there was a whole world out there and we should explore it. And I am!

Country music – I love all kinds of music but I must have country music in my life. Must. It’s like a romance novel set to music.

The ocean – I don’t like to swim in it but I love the sound of waves hitting the shore and I love to look at it in all its moods. It’s a really elemental thing for me.

Flowers – Love, love, love flowers and often buy myself a bunch just because. Anyone who says, but they’re so expensive and they just die in 3 days doesn’t understand the joy of the moment.

Gravy – Lashings of it. Lucky for me I kick gravy arse so if its meat and its on our dinner table, there will be gravy!




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5 Comments on My Ten Must-Haves

  1. avriltremayne // November 10, 2014 at 10:23 am // Reply

    I love that train photo. The Indian Pacific is on my bucket list – I even have the bud of story idea in my brain for that trip…

  2. Hey Avril – the Indian Pacific was fabulous! I’m going to write me a train book one day too 🙂

  3. Love your list of 10 Amy!

  4. Louise Reynolds // November 11, 2014 at 3:33 pm // Reply

    What? Jacob’s Creek? Great list, Amy. Love your stories 🙂

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