Small Talk

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Small Talk
with Carla Caruso, Lisa Joy, and Kylie Kaden


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What is your favourite indulgence?
Just went to Gold Class to see Gone Girl. Love feeling a bit like a VIP in the closed-off area, the luxury of the plush seats, and being waited on. I might have unknowingly dripped chocolate sauce on my top in the dark when devouring a churro, but still… Oh, and the movie was pretty good, too 😉 Love it!

Share with us a secret indulgence…
Pedicures! I’m hopeless at painting my nails myself and I especially love those salons where they give your heels a solid scrubbing. Oh, and fancy restaurant meals are fab, too. Hello degustation!

Given the choice, which celeb would you choose to indulge in (guilt-free of course!)?
I’m quite partial to Channing Tatum. Yes, he has the beefcake factor, but he also seems like a nice guy – loyal to his wife, a good dad. A real sweetie (okay, I might be a tad blinded by his muscles!) Did I mention I used to have a thing for Mark Wahlberg back in his Calvin-Klein-undie-wearing days?

What luxury item can’t you live without?
Leather items, like designer handbags and shoes! Sorry to the animals – I’m an animal lover, but cheap, nasty imitations just don’t cut the mustard or last the distance, I’m afraid.

What’s the number one tip you have for others trying to achieve balance in their lives?
Be kind to yourself! You’re not a robot. If you’re having a ‘blah’ day and feeling tired, no need to park yourself at the keyboard. Allow yourself a day off every now and then. Besides, you’ll have nothing to write about if you don’t get out and ‘play’/socialise often.

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What’s your favourite indulgence?
My favourite indulgence is pasta.  Gosh, it’s a little worrying that I didn’t even have to think about that! I would eat it every day if it weren’t for the high carb factor, but it’s got to be a good quality brand like ‘Gioie di Fattoria’ or home made, of course. My all-time favourite pasta recipe is spaghetti alle vongole, which is spaghetti with clams in a white wine, chilli, olive oil and parsley sauce. Make sure you have some crusty bread to mop up the juices with, it’s the best part.

Share with us a secret indulgence…
I get a bit obsessed by indulging in great drama TV shows. I especially love Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and The Tudors. Instead of watching one episode every week or so I usually indulge in the whole series over the course of a few days. I promised myself I wouldn’t watch Outlander until I finished my next book but I caved, as I knew I would. Which is a nice segue into my next answer…

Given the choice, which celeb would you choose to indulge in (guilt-free of course!)?
I’ve only been married two weeks so I really shouldn’t be saying this but I have developed a huge soft spot for Sam Heughan who plays Jamie on Outlander. Such dreamy eyes…and that body…

What luxury item can’t you live with out?
I’m not sure most people would consider it a luxury, but we’ve been experiencing a few power outages lately in our local area and it’s incredible how much I rely on electricity. I certainly wouldn’t want to be without it for long.

What’s the number one tip you have for others trying to achieve balance in their lives?
That’s a tricky one as it’s something I struggle with myself. I’m always trying to create a routine for myself but it never seems to stick. I guess it’s important to give the different parts of your life as much equal attention as possible, without forgetting to take time to relax and enjoy life.

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What is your favourite indulgence?
Zero points for originality, but that genius blend of sugar, lard and cocoa beans (otherwise known as chocolate) is my decadent indulgence of choice. Sweet, smooth, delectable – oh, how I love thee. And don’t bother with fancy-shmancy, basic Cadbury’s the good oil.  And it’s is so easy to find – in your face at the aisle end – two for $6. Purchasing just one block for $5.67 would make you as nutty as the fruit-and-nut tempting you, so you just HAVE to buy two, right? It’s cost effective and the kids might have a movie night and… I’ve stopped kidding myself that I have willpower, and now justify it as being far healthier than crack cocaine.

Share with us a secret indulgence…
Child Free Time. I love my children, but not all the time (or all at the same time).  They’re perfectly good company one-on-one. But put two or more of my boys together, and you’ve got a concoction of hyperactive, destructive mayhem that often ends in tears, mess, and the odd-emergency-visit. Not ideal, long-term. I know I need an escape when my eye starts twitching, I start humming play-school tunes or I can’t remember what colour my lounge-room floor is.   It’s my guilty pleasure. Is it wrong? It feels wrong…

Given the choice, which celeb would you choose to indulge in (guilt-free of course!)
George Clooney – although I hear he’s off the market. But if we’re in hypothetical-mode here, I guess that’s irrelevant.  I’m guessing it’s also irrelevant that he’d probably consider an ‘off the market’ mother-of-three who falls asleep at nine and hasn’t shaved her legs in a while no great loss J.

What luxury item can’t you live without?
My hairdresser, who expertly eradicates my ‘natural highlights’ every few months. I tell you, science really needs to get on to isolating that grey-hair gene and weed it out forever. Thanks, Dad. Let’s hope he kept the bald gene to himself. A morning at the hairdresser with your eyes watering, forehead blotchy-with-die and head covered in neatly-folded-tin-foil-strips combines several indulgences: alone time, coffee, counselling, free-trash-mags, and a good dose of self-esteem inflation when you come out looking less like a skunk. (Downside: do need to face bombardment of trash-mag-stories of George Clooney’s glamorous new wife…).

What’s the number one tip you have for others trying to achieve balance in their lives?
Don’t wait for the perfect time to do the thing you love. It will never arrive. I had one woman tell me she’d start writing again once she got her new study. I’m guessing when she does that, she’ll have to wait for it to be painted a better shade… Seize every stolen opportunity to do the thing you love. Whether to write, read, or farm alpacas – everyone needs that little something in their lives that’s only for them.  For me, that’s writing. I love it, so it’s easy to carve out time for it, but it lives in the corners of my life. In the piecemeal snippets of stolen time; the ad-breaks, the waiting rooms, the peripherals of my mind while I burn risotto. It’s the sand that fits around the boulders in the glass jar of my life, but it’s still important. Without it, the whole thing feels off balance.

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