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Juliet Madison’s Ten Must-Haves

From the woman who defies deadlines, laughs at challenges others would cry about, and gives the word busy a whole new meaning… Here are Juliet Madison’s Ten Must-Haves!


Laptop & NEO
Every writer needs something reliable to write on, and I alternate between my MacBook Air and my Alphasmart NEO (portable word processor). I hardly use my desktop PC anymore and I prefer not to write at a desk anyway. Most of my writing is done on the couch, on my balcony, in bed, or in a café!


Soy hot chocolate
For café writing, I must have a soy hot chocolate by my side. I don’t drink coffee so hot chocolate is my go-to beverage, and I don’t drink milk so have soy instead. Sometimes I’ll have a sweet treat to go with it if I need extra sustenance! 😉


Essential for both my writing life and personal life. If it’s not on a Post-It it doesn’t get done! I use them for bullet-point scene summaries while I write, and the small size forces me to focus on the most important elements of a scene so I can write faster and more succinctly.


Lip balm
Seriously, how can anyone get by without it?! Am always putting the stuff on.


Critique partners
I chat daily with two lovely ladies who have become great friends, and we help each other with plot brainstorming, characters, motivation and kicking our butts into gear, and generally have a lot of fun.


This is both an important marketing tool for me as an author and a great way to interact and connect with other writers, as well as make the writer’s life more sociable!


Goes without saying, but books are my business, and there’s nothing I like more than getting to READ one occasionally and not just WRITE them! Reading a chapter or two or three before bed helps me relax at the end of the day.


Movies & TV shows
I’m a bit of a fiction junkie! Books are great of course, but I am a very visual person so I LOVE movies and TV shows (though I don’t watch much TV itself as I often write in the evenings, I get the good shows on DVD and binge watch! And I’m still grieving the loss of Offspring). My son is an aspiring filmmaker so we often go to the movies together for both fun and research. I love them all – action, thrillers, comedy, drama, romance, YA, paranormal.


Inspirational reminders
What we focus on most we tend to get more of in life, and I like to focus on things that make me feel good. I surround myself with positive words and phrases, and I even wear jewellery with positive sayings on them.


Time outside in the fresh air
I live in a small coastal town and absolutely love wandering around and taking in the best nature has to offer on a beautiful day, especially near the water. It refreshes me and puts me in a happy mood, and also inspires my writing.






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4 Comments on MY TEN MUST-HAVES

  1. Thanks for featuring me on the blog! 🙂

    • These are not necessarily in order
      Family and friends
      Computer and Smart Phone
      Movies and TV shows
      Enough food in the house and enough money to pay bills
      Cab rides with my friend, Greg (see family and friends, above)
      My cat
      coffee, coffee, coffee
      my memories

  2. Thanks for sharing yours, Nancy. I didn’t think about the memories, that is definitely something important that makes life special.

  3. Even when things get bad (as they often do for me), I remember good times and I’m okay for awhile.

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