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AusRomToday.com is a hot new site designed to celebrate the Australian romance literature industry and community, and to draw attention to the achievements and acclaim of Australian writers. The key objective of AusRomToday is to showcase the published Australian romance industry to readers worldwide.

On Monday 16 June, the website − formerly called Creative Conversations − was launched under its rebranded title, AusRomToday.com. Publisher, J’aimee Brooker says, “Within AusRomToday, we will showcase and feature upcoming titles and new releases, cover reveals, interviews, giveaways, and general publishing and industry news. In addition, authors will continue to have the opportunity to guest post.

AusRomToday will ensure all romance sub-genres are represented, as will all novel lengths from short stories through to long novels.”

The AusRomToday website is complemented by strong social media networks and established affiliations and relationships with publishers, reviewers, authors, readers and media.

Prominent Australian authors who have already featured (either as interviewees or guest posters) include Karly Lane, Kate Belle, Rachael Johns, Juliet Madison, Kylie Scott, Jenn J McLeod and Helene Young. Similarly, the website has attracted the attention of international best-selling authors including Mari Carr, Jasinda Wilder, Laura Morelli and Bella Andre.

For promotional opportunities including guest posts, cover reveals, interviews, giveaways and publishing news, please contact J’aimee directly, jaimee@AusRomToday.com or call 0433 447 178


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What publishers, authors, and readers are saying about AusRomToday

“Thanks for this series J’aimee you are wonderfully supportive of Oz Romance!” −Lily Malone

“J’aimee, thanks for having us and pulling out such amazing questions” Cate Ellink

“J’aimee, thank you SO much. I know how much work is involved in something like this, and you have done a stellar job. I really appreciate it” −Noelle Clark

“Great questions by the way. I had just struggled through other interviews with the same-old-same-old questions so it was super refreshing to get to do yours. Thank you.” Eva Scott

“Thanks J’aimee for making your blog so approachable for author interviews.” −Lily Malone

“Thanks so much for supporting his (Chris Allen’s) wonderful books, and for championing Australian writers in general.” Bradley Trevor Greive

“Love this site and all these inspiring interviews” Sarah Blinco, editor Get It Magazine Australia

“It (Judy Nunn Elianne print article with separate digital interview) looks incredible – you’ve done a great job! Hope to work with you again in the near future” Jess Malpass, Random House

“Thanks so much for keeping Escape on your radar! The 2 week spotlight was fantastic, and I know the authors really appreciated the opportunity, as did I.”Kate Cuthbert, Escape Publishing






2 Comments on About AusRom Today

  1. elizabethellencarter // June 24, 2014 at 11:47 am // Reply

    Thank you J’aimee. This is a wonderful resource!

  2. A site worth visiting I should think. 🙂 Glad to have the link turn up on FB and pleased I came for a look. I will return.

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