AusRom Today Review Policy


AusRom Today is currently open for review requests. Before requesting a review, please ensure that you and your novel suit our review criteria:

  1. Author must be Australian (either citizen, permanent resident, or citizen currently living offshore)
  2. Novel must be romance (either strictly romance or women’s fiction with romantic elements)
  3. I do not review novels that fall into the following genres: christian, religious, horror, or poetry. This is reflective of my own personal preferences and nothing more.
  4. I will review non-fiction if it pertains to women’s interests/issues or has elements relating to romance.

What I require for reviewing:

  1. I do prefer hard-copy novels however digital copies are also accepted.
  2. High-res copy of your novel cover
  3. Novel blurb
  4. Novel buy-links

How the review is published/distributed:

  1. Publication on the AusRom Today website
  2. Publication on your Goodreads novel page
  3. The AusRom Today link will be shared on all AusRom Today social media platforms.
  4. Where possible, the review is also used on the AusRom Today monthly newsletter.

Review timeline:

AusRom Today loves to review your novels, truly we do.

What you mightn’t know is that we’re a one-person review team and as much as J’aimee loves to read, much to her dismay there are only so many hours in the day she can dedicate to reading.

And while we’re keen to add reviewers to our team, we strongly believe in paying contributors for their work—because we wholeheartedly disagree with the “It’s great exposure” concept—this is still some time off for us yet.

Once you receive an email notifying you that your novel has been accepted for review, it may take between two to six weeks for the review to be published.


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