AUSSIE MONTH with Viveka Portman

Viveka Portman


AUSSIE MONTH with Viveka Portman

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about The Journal Of a Vicar’s Wife:
My most recent release is The Journal Of a Vicar’s Wife, the fifth and final Regency diary. It’s a story about a lonely vicar’s wife and her search for happiness in her very sterile marriage!

What inspired this novel?
I’m sure most readers may have watched or read Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and I was always a bit grossed out by Mr Collins. You may well wonder exactly how he inspired an erotic romance, but he did!

Mr Collins is an irritating religious man, and I’ve always been curious about how his wife Charlotte would manage to find satisfaction within that marriage. So I played with the idea of having a very attractive (rather than revolting) vicar, but one who was still deeply pious and self denying. Then I created his wife, who was much more gregarious and passionate. How would they ever manage to find happiness in a marriage like that? The short answer is, with a lot of trouble and heartbreak. The story then practically wrote itself!

What are you reading right now?
I am currently reading African Dawn by another Australian Author, Tony Park. I’ve only recently discovered his brand of adventure novels and absolutely, utterly, love them. They’re thrilling, emotional and thoughtful. Well worth stepping out the romance section of the bookstore for!

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
I would love to go to Teotihuacan, in Mexico. I love Mesoamerican history, and I think it would be amazing to see the place where the Aztecs believed their Gods were born.

Best thing about being an Aussie?
Living in Australia! There isn’t another country in the world I want to call home. The space, the bush, the cities, the wildlife, the people – Australia has it all.

What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
Romance isn’t all sappy and predictable pulp fiction. It’s a dynamic and diverse genre, where you find utterly amazing authors tackling issues that are relevant to everyone. From Paranormal to Suspense, to Erotic to Sweet, there really is a book out there to suit all readers from every walk of life. I love that romance novels can be shocking, touching, thrilling, and moving all in the one book. What’s not to like about that?

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
I’m currently working on “The Condom Maker of Red Lion Row,” a full length regency which I hope to have finished early 2016. This book follows the story of a newly widowed woman, struggling to find a means of financing herself in the very poor and smelly streets of Southwark, London, in 1810. I am a stickler for correct historical details, so this book has taken a long time being researched.

What were your big achievements of 2015?
The release of my two regency diaries, “The Observations of a Curious Governess” and “The Journal of a Vicar’s Wife”.  The heroine in “Observations of a Curious Governess,” is probably my most favourite character of all time!




The Journal Of a Vicar’s Wife
Viveka Portman

The final instalment in Viveka Portman’s sexy, sinful Regency Diaries sees an unhappy wife desperately seeking love—and her taciturn husband who doesn’t know how to reach her.

My husband, though I do not doubt his goodness, does not love nor want me. He married me for pure convenience. He needed a bride and I was the one offered to him. Thus I find my pleasures where I may…

Mrs Maria Reeves has been married for six years. Six long, lonely years. She craves love and affection, but married to a handsome but pious vicar she receives little in the way of earthly pleasures. The Reverend Vicar Frederick Reeves is a man of principle and morals, and is more likely to provide his wife with suggested Bible readings than carnal knowledge.

If her husband will not please her, then she will find a man who will.

But infidelity doesn’t come naturally to the vicar’s wife. Though Maria finds herself getting the sexual pleasure she desires, she also finds herself emotionally frayed and unhappy. To make matters worse, in the small village of Stanton there are always people watching, and Maria discovers that some secrets are impossible to keep. What will her upright husband do when he discovers that Maria has broken not only one of the commandments, but her vows to him?

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