AUSSIE MONTH with Ainslie Paton

Ainslie Paton


AUSSIE MONTH with Ainslie Paton

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about Incapable:
Incapable joins Insecure and Inconsolable in a thematically linked series where the men are angsty and the women have their own agendas and it’s not until they come together things start making sense. Incapable is the story of a man at the top of his career and the health crisis that threatens to strip him of his livelihood, a woman who left a relationship gone wrong and needs to find herself before she trusts her heart again, and the friends they’re surrounded by.  But mostly it’s about how we all have disabilities.

What inspired this novel?
A friend’s daughter is slowly going blind and has been since she was a toddler.  She challenged me to write a hero like her.

What are you reading right now?
Last big memorable read was R Lee Smith’s Land of the Beautiful Dead.  She made me fall in love with the devil.  In Last Hour of the Gann, she made me fall in love with a lizard man.  I want to lick her skill as a storyteller.

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
Make a bucket list. How terribly unoriginal.

Best thing about being an Aussie?
The straight talking.

What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
The romance genre is a vast river of genius storytelling, deep with variety, wide with originality, featuring warm pools of comfort and fast rapids of excitement.  A place to be lost and found and drown in sensory experiences without leaving home and yet travelling time, the world, space and beyond.

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
A trilogy of stories called Offensive Behaviour about the four founders of a technology company and their happy ever afters.  Book 1 is virginal tech geek meets exotic pole dancer.  Book 2 is hero whose equipment’s not working and a heroine who’s scared of sex ,and Book 3 is the best ever friends to lovers ,and since I’ve never written one of those I can’t wait to get to it.

What were your big achievements of 2015?
Eight releases:  The five books of The Bliss King, plus Incapable, Inconsolable and Insecure.  And I have a day job.  I think I might have broken myself.



Ainslie Paton

Love can be a great healer, except when it hurts…

As voice actor royalty, Damon Donovan is trouble.  He’s professionally intimidating.  He’s also charming, funny and genuinely talented. And he triggers the nurturing instincts newly separated Georgia Fairweather has sworn to ignore.

Damon Donovan is used to three types of women: those who fawn, those who mother, and those who want to fix him. So a reticent, prickly engineer he can neither awe nor charm piques his interest.

A recording engineer and a voice actor should be a match to sing about, but the thrilling rhythm they create is soon drowned out by static. Georgia doesn’t know who she is, and Damon doesn’t know who he’ll become.

Can a man facing his insecurities and a woman afraid of her own instincts harmonise, or are they destined to sound good in theory, but be out of sync in life and love?

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