AUSSIE MONTH with Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy


AUSSIE MONTH with Nicole Murphy

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about the Jorda Series:
The Jorda Series is a trilogy of science fiction romances published by Escape Publishing. They tell the story of the Wiltmore Family, who run the planet of Jorda’s most important company – the Rican Balcite Mining Company. Balcite is the foundation of the planet’s economy. But when someone tries to shut down the company and the mine, three strong women – Cassandra Wiltmore, Diana Wiltmore and Plissa Waltric – will put everything on the line to save it. Including love.

What inspired this series?
Two words – Princess Leia. I’m a life-long Star Wars fan and when I was a teenager, I developed the character of Cassandra Wiltmore in order to write my own space adventure about a kick-arse space princess. It took a long time to perfect the story (cough nearly 30 years cough) but thankfully when it was ready, Escape was there loving it and wanting to publish it.

What are you reading right now?
I’ve been doing a bit of beta reading for other authors lately. I love the feeling of being in at the beginning of a story, and I love learning from other talented writers by analysing their work.

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
Go to England and see a castle. Desperate to do this.

Best thing about being an Aussie?
The land. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite extensively around Australia and everywhere you go, there’s a magnificent landscape to sigh over. We really do live in the most beautiful country on Earth.

What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
That any genre you love, you’ll find great examples of it in romance. That’s one of the great things about romance – you can get that fabulous happily ever after, but read great science fiction, or great mysteries, or great horror or whatever tickles your fancy.

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
2016 will see the initial publications in two new series. One is the urban fantasy trilogy ‘The People of the Star’, the sequel to my Dream of Asarlai trilogy (under the name of Nicole Murphy). It’s being published by Ticonderoga Press in Perth. The other is the Acts of Love series, where I turn famous plays into scorching contemporary romances. The first, Much Ado About Love, will be out from Escape Publishing (under the Elizabeth Dunk name) early in 2016. Oh, and on Valentine’s Day, watch out for my instalment in Escape’s latest erotica series Secret Confessions – Down and Dusty.

What were your big achievements of 2015?
The publication of the final two books in the Jorda series was great. Otherwise, personally this has been a really difficult year for me, so the fact I’ve managed to complete edits on two novels and a novella for publishers, and write a further novel and a half and have the novel almost ready for my beta readers is almost a miracle.



Loving the Prince, Book 1, The Jorda Series
Nicole Murphy

Cassandra Wiltmore is the heir to the throne of Rica, but it’s unlikely she’ll be stepping up any time soon. So she spends her days managing and building the Rican Balcite Mining Company. The company has made her family wealthy beyond imagination, but that kind of power needs careful control, and Cassandra is just the Wiltmore to control it.

When a new bid for the mining license is announced, Cassandra is determined to squash it. Then the thefts and threats begin, and every step she takes seems to be wrong. Taking on a new protector seems like an indulgence Cass can’t afford, but she equally cannot afford to be caught off-guard. If only the best man for the job wasn’t also the best-looking man she’s ever seen.

Kernan Radaton has ambition, and as protector to Cassandra Wiltmore, he’s well placed to reach all his long-held goals. If only his new all-business boss didn’t make him think of only pleasure. With the company, the heir and the family under attack, the last thing anyone needs is a distraction. But once everything is safe again, Kernan is developing new ambitions — ones that involve a lot of very personal time spent getting to know his boss on a very personal level.

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