RELEASE DAY ALERT: AA Paton’s ‘The Bliss King—Captive’

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CONGRATS to our good friend AA Paton on the release of Captive the first novel in The Bliss King series.


The Bliss King series
AA Paton

“You’re not bad, just circumstantially challenged.”

As a ghostwriter, Greer Gibson’s job is to make sporting heroes and pop stars, politicians and socialites sound good.  She writes the words but it’s never her name on the book cover.

For Lek Hetherington, operating in the background isn’t an option.  Known in underworld circles as The Bliss King, he’s the head of a notorious drug empire, fanning out from his remote mountain plantation across the world.

The Bliss King gets what he wants and he wants Greer Gibson so a little kidnapping is simply expedient because a lot of changing the world is on the agenda.

The Bliss King is the story of secrets, innocence, pleasure, wealth, corruption, and lashings of moral ambiguity.

It will ruin you good.



AA Paton

“The irony of my scarred, tattooed, gun toting, global drug empire running kidnapper, who goes by the nickname Lord Ruin, the Bliss King, telling me I’m safe is not lost on me.”

When ghostwriter Greer Gibson woke wearing silk pyjamas, in a room she didn’t recognise, she figured she’d done it again. Picked up a stranger in a local bar and gone to a city hotel with him.

Except she had no memory of doing that, the room was an expansive suite on a tropical island, she didn’t own silk pyjamas, and she was locked in.

Lek Hetherington needs a talented writer. But the best in the business, Greer Gibson, is booked out for years. That’s just a shoulder shrug for an underworld figure who rules over a global drug empire from his island hideaway.

Lek gets what he wants, even if he has to take it by force.

Captive is book 1 of 4 in The Bliss King.




AA Paton

I don’t know what happens to people who are already stolen property when they’re snatched again. Is it finder’s keepers? Is it snooze you lose?

Being kidnapped and held captive is one thing, finding out your handsome captor is a drug lord, known around the world as The Bliss King, and he wants you to ghost write for him is another.

You’d think all that might make you more receptive to the idea the native tribe he rules over thinks you’re the reincarnation of the legendary White Witch.

It doesn’t, but oddly it’s easier to accept than falling in love with your kidnapper.

But to be given your freedom, to give it away for love, and to be kidnapped again is beyond even the best ghost story.

Stolen is book 2 of 4 in The Bliss King.




AA Paton

I wasn’t ready to die. I’m scared my heart will stop beating if Aran isn’t standing on the other side of this swamp ready to catch me. If Lek isn’t standing beside him.

Tas has been in love with Aran since she was five years old and he said she belonged to him and he’d keep her safe. But it wasn’t easy growing up a Hetherington and being in love with your adopted brother. And when Tas hurt, the only thing that helped was punishing Aran.

She didn’t want to punish him anymore.

Aran was ready to rip planets apart to get Tasanee back from the gang who stole her, but he didn’t expect her to feel the same about him. After a lifetime of loving each other, they were estranged.

Until she was in his arms and ready to forgive.

But before they could truly be together, disaster struck, tearing them apart again.

In the days that followed, some were lost, some were found and some were made legend.

Book 3 of 4 in The Bliss King series is Tas and Aran’s book. It’s a novella of 30,000 words.




AA Paton

I have touched, kissed, loved every divot, pucker, pulled taut piece of flesh, self made stitch and burnished smooth patch on his body. “I will run with you to end of the earth.” I didn’t mean to say that, but it’s the truest thought I’ve ever had.

The tsunami and losing Lek shattered Greer. She’s more ghost than ghostwriter, drifting through her days in a drug fueled search for memories of their love.

While deep in the jungle a man wakes. He is caged, chained. He is sick, starving and broken. But he’s alive and he remembers everything about Greer and will do anything to get back to her.

Found is the final book of The Bliss King..



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  1. Taps foot as I impatiently wait for it to download onto iPad….. drat that international date line :-/

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