AUSSIE MONTH with Mel Teshco, Christina Phillips, and Cathleen Ross

Phillips, Teshco, Ross


AUSSIE MONTH with Mel Teshco, Christina Phillips, and Cathleen Ross

Describe yourself in one word:
MEL : Frazzled
CHRISTINA: Knackered


MEL: Our three billionaire brothers are CEO’s to their very own casinos in different countries. It tells how they fall in love with their (unrelated) heroines and how far they will push the boundaries to get the women they love. My hero Max is the eldest with a lot of responsibility on his broad shoulders, he was sent off to work in the oilfield as a younger man because his father guessed the attraction between him and my heroine, Isabella.

CHRISTINA: My hero Dex is the youngest brother and was given the London casino with orders to bring it up to the international standard expected of Jericho’s. What he didn’t expect was to end up working with his youngest stepsister, Gabi, or for the instant scorching attraction that ignites between them!

CATHLEEN: My hero Tom is the pioneer brother. He has volunteered to go out to Australia and start up the Jericho casino there. When he reaches Australia he gets slammed with alarming claims that his father Harrison Jericho is corrupt. He’s used to running in an elite billionaire crowd not having to establish his name and he is expecting his step sister, Chrissy to be on board. Chrissy is determined to be independent from Tom, except when he discovers what she’d done, he’s not going to let her go.


What inspired this novel?
MEL: Taken by the Billionaire Stepbrother was a genre that Christina, Cathleen and I chose as it’s a hot right now, and we’re devoting our boxed “Taken” sets to whatever the readership is crying out for. Besides, who doesn’t love a hot, contemporary, rich alpha male? We’ve also discovered writing these box sets is a LOT of fun!

CHRISTINA: For quite a while now I’ve been fascinated by the whole stepbrother subgenre in romance, and wanted to write my own sexy take on it. So it seemed like the natural choice for our next Taken boxed set!

CATHLEEN: I’ve got into reading kinky stories about stepbrothers but I wasn’t sure I was going to fess up to that, except when I mentioned it to Mel and Christina, they were on board immediately. I guess it’s the company you keep. I also want to say  I love working with Mel Tescho and Christina Phillips because they bring more to the table. I like the way Christina Phillips twists things and comes up with stuff that I privately think, ‘how is she going to get away with that?’ and she always does. Mel also comes up with a totally different take on how to write the same story. She writes closer to my style and we both love a good ‘alphahole’ and then somehow we blend the stories to make it read smoothly like a book. It isn’t easy because the Taken series works on several well known and loved tropes: the alpha male, the virgin, extreme wealth and privilege. The readers are enjoying them and we enjoy the challenge of writing them.


What are you reading right now?
MEL: A stack of library books, but none are grabbing me right now, though possibly I’m distracted by some deadlines right now!

CHRISTINA: I’ve just finished reading Base by Cathleen Ross (the hero is gorgeously Alpha and I love strong heroines!)

CATHLEEN: Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry. Love her unusual set ups and how she makes them work.


Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
MEL: Travel Australia and then Europe

CHRISTINA: If money is no object I’d love to travel Europe in style, visit all the ancient sites and soak up the history, but with the added benefit of staying in top hotels with every conceivable luxury 🙂

CATHLEEN:  I actually want to dedicate next year to finishing my literary novel. I like to push myself in to other areas of writing and making it work. I’ve already booked to go to Japan and then France in the middle of the year.


Best thing about being an Aussie?
MEL: The beaches and the relaxed lifestyle. The ability to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

CHRISTINA: All the people I’ve met.

CATHLEEN: The lifestyle, the people, the fantastic food, the sun, the beaches. Best country on earth.


What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
MEL: That it’s a diverse genre that embraces every single subgenre out there, so there’s something for everyone, whether it’s sci fi, fantasy, contemporary etc.

CHRISTINA: For anyone who hasn’t read a romance novel for whatever reason, you’re going to be fabulously surprised by the variety of subgenres, relationship dynamics and heat levels available. Plus there’s the added bonus that at the end of a romance there’s no chance the hero or heroine that you’ve become invested in will die (unless of course you’re reading about vampires when it might be entirely possible J )

CATHLEEN: I love the way romance encompasses all genres. I don’t think people realise the depth and breadth of the genre.


What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
MEL: I have four more releases in three months! Aside from this boxed set, I’m part of a rural continuity with Escape, which will include my short story, Clarissa. I have a long novella coming out with Tule called Lady in Red (think Pretty Woman). I’m also part of a hot erotic anthology with Tule, with my story, Her Dark Guardian. The next book I have coming out is Parallel Roads with Escape – a longer length novel that straddles rural and paranormal.

CHRISTINA: My third Grayson Brothers book, Hold Me Until Forever, with Entangled is due for release on 4th January, and I’m thrilled that I also have a sexy novella coming out with Tule for Valentine’s Day – Every Breath You Take. It’s a bad boy/good girl romance and I’m very excited about it!

CATHLEEN: I plan to do another Dystopian novel along with the literary one. We’ll probably do another Taken. I think we’re having too much fun not to. I plan to put Heat, my threesome story into an anthology with some other writers.


What were your big achievements of 2015?
MEL: Writing my butt off. Though out of all my projects (most of which will be published in 2016) Taken by the Sheikh with Cathleen Ross and Christina Phillips was my biggest achievement. That and writing some stories that I can’t wait to see published soon!

CHRISTINA:  2015 has been a big year for me. I’ve had two books published by Entangled, written a second Taken novella and been accepted for publication with Tule.

CATHLEEN: I’ve been happy with 2015 because most of my projects have hit an Amazon bestseller list in either Australia, Britain or America. Next year, I plan to immerse myself into a historical but literary project with another author about Theosophy. I’ve done an enormous amount of research for it, so now it’s time to fashion into a story. I’d also like to write another dystopian book because readers seem to be enjoying Base and there are other stories to tell in that world. I’ve received numerous written requests for the next book, so I’ll get back to work in the new year.



He’s her stepbrother, and her every wicked fantasy…
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