AUSSIE MONTH with Sandy Vaile

Sandy Vaile


AUSSIE MONTH with Sandy Vaile

Describe yourself in one word:
Adventurous, because my motto is I’ll try anything once.

Tell us about Inheriting Fear:
Inheriting Fear is a romantic suspense with a gritty characters, face-paced action and a climax to rival a Hitchcock movie. Mya rides a motorbike and keeps to herself, because life has taught her to be self-reliant and not trust men. A sexy cop moving into her street is a temptation she doesn’t need. Detective Luca Patterson isn’t sure whether Mya is a victim or his best suspect, but she’s definitely involved in his latest case.

What inspired this novel?
A movie from the 90’s about domestic violence created the initial bud of an idea, and I wondered what kind of woman would not only survive an abusive childhood, but thrive in her own right? I saw Mya as tough and guarded, with a serious mistrust of men and authority figures. So, who would she least want to rely on in a difficult situation? A male police officer, of course. (I love being mean to my characters.)

What are you reading right now?
I have a real soft spot for Aussie authors and love to try new ones all the time. My latest favourite is Rowena Holloway. I’ve just finished reading “All That’s Left Unsaid”, which is a riveting tale set in Positano, Italy. What starts as a family mystery, leads Harriet to delve into a dangerous secret that some would kill to keep covered up.

It has well-developed characters, wonderful settings and a plot that twists at every turn. Thoroughly recommended.

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
You know what? I’ve been working on a bucket list since before I even thought about kicking the bucket. I’m a great believer in taking every opportunity that presents in life, because you just never know where it will lead. Subsequently, I’ve done all kinds of incredible things (a great pool of experience to draw on when writing), like swimming with dolphins and a shark, sky-diving, riding a motorbike, becoming a published author, competitive horse riding, hot air ballooning, getting tattoos and having the privilege to carry the Olympic flame.

So, what’s next? Well, my eyes are wide open in search of another exciting opportunity, but visiting the spectacular thermal pools in Pamukkale in Turkey is high on the list. This gleaming white mountain-side was formed by calcium carbonate in the hot water.

Best thing about being an Aussie?
Knowing that I really do live in the ‘lucky country’. No matter the problems we have, Australia really does have a lot to offer, like good wages, war-free cities, beautiful beaches and relaxed and friendly citizens. Not to mention the multicultural food. Yum!

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
I am currently putting the finishing touches to another romantic suspense called “Custody Combat”.

How far you would go to save a child that wasn’t yours? Kindergarten teacher, Neve, hates everything money stands for, since a drunk driver took half her family and bribed her way out of jail time. When wealthy business tycoon, Micah, arrives in her rural town, Neve is embroiled in a custody dispute that turns sinister when a bikie gang is involved.




Inheriting Fear
Sandy Vaile

Chef Mya Jensen’s plate is already full. She has her job, motorbike, kickboxing, and she’s the guardian of her disabled mother. She doesn’t need a man in her life, especially her cocky new neighbour, Detective Luca Patterson, linking her to his latest investigation.

Luca has never crossed a professional line — until he meets Mya. She is sexy, feisty, and so many kinds of wrong, but he can’t stop thinking about her. Maybe because every time he’s onto a lead in his latest case, her name pops up. But is she a victim or a suspect?

A sizzling interlude is an added complication when Mya is receiving death threats, but will this independent woman try to fight her way out of this one, or finally open her heart?

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