AT MY DESK: Tania Cooper

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AT MY DESK: Tania Cooper


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Welcome to my creative mess. Oh, I mean desk.

When writing I like to be surrounded by endless inspiration, be it pictures, quotes or music. I do not sit down at my desk without my ipod and mini speaker. Music is a huge part of my life and my writing process. I make a playlist for every book that I write and continually add to it as I go.

I write around kinder and school hours for my three cheeky monsters. I try and write every day even if I’m putting the finishing touches to a book ready to send it to my editor (which is what I’m doing today) I will still try and write a little of my next book. I write romance, fantasy and also poems, one of which is in a horror anthology.

Since writing I have developed an addiction. Sad but true. I have an addiction to Post it notes. They are everywhere! On my desk, in my calendar, on my pin board and sometimes even on my floor. I have tried to kick the habit but I am weak when it comes to those beautiful coloured sticky squares.

My work in progress is a series consisting of four books and it’s a collaboration with a male author from the UK, Ricky Cooper (who just so happens to be my best friend – with the same surname LOL), he is writing the POV of a Demon and I am writing the POV of an Angel. It is called ‘Heaven’s Scent’ and will be released mid-end November. It’s an epic love story that is based in Heaven, Hell and the world in between. The genre is Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance and it will be 18+ due to the graphic erotic and torture scenes and it is now available on goodreads to add to your ‘to read’ list. And we are so excited to be taking this series to the London Book Fair in April 2015 and then I’m sure I’ll flood my Facebook page with pictures of the event.

Happy Reading.



Heaven’s Scent
Tania Cooper

What comes to pass when good and evil collide, when the fate of two worlds hangs by a thread?
When the dust settles and the smoke finally clears, the victor will decide all. The fate of man. The fate of the heavens. The very universe will be shaped by their hand.

But through it all, a deeper struggle wages, the fate of two people; an Angel and a Demon, two halves of the same coin drawn together by a forbidden connection, fate intertwined by design but held worlds apart.

Bound by love, bound by honour, and both shackled by duty. Fated by the creator to sit at the crossroads of a war that tears their worlds apart. Can their sinful love truly conquer all? Will they catch the scent that lingers and find the ties that bind even the deadliest of enemies?

Lines will blur and hearts will shatter. In a battle of good versus evil not everything is always black and white, for even in heaven, shades of grey abound.



Find Tania online:
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