AUSSIE MONTH with Maggie Bolitho

Maggie Bolitho


AUSSIE MONTH with Maggie Bolitho

Describe yourself in one word:

What inspired Outback Promise?
When I was on an extended trek around the outback in 2005, the power of those vast landscapes whispered stories to me the whole time. One of the stories associated with the Devil’s Marbles – that of the Kwerreympe spirits that lure children away from their families – grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

What are you reading right now?
Just started Don’t Call Me Kit Kat by K.J. Farnham. I love it so far.

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
Visit Canada’s Maritime provinces. I’m Canadian by birth and Australian by choice. I’ve seen far more of Australia than I have of Canada. It’s time to see a bit more of my home and native land.

Best thing about being an Aussie?
Everything! But most of all the spectacular country and its fabulous scenery. Every single part of Australia is so different than every other part. If I spent the next ten years exploring, it wouldn’t be enough. Then there’s the abundant fresh food all year round, the marvellous wine, and the Cherry Ripe chocolate bars.

What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
That romance doesn’t always end in happily ever after. Some of the greatest love stories ended in tragedy and heartbreak. Think about Doctor Zhivago or Gone With the Wind.  There is room for both types of endings in the romance genre.

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
I’m currently in final revisions of a YA novel set on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Lots of love, romance, and sibling strife.

What were your big achievements of 2015?
Working with the amazing, talented people at HarperCollins in Sydney was a top highlight. Their confidence in Outback Promise, bringing it to publication, is a treasured memory. Also my husband and I spent five months exploring areas of Australia we knew well and areas we didn’t know at all. For three months we lived in a tiny RV and saw parts of that country that most Australians never see.



Outback Promise
Maggie Bolitho

Sometimes, before you can find yourself, you must lose yourself in the desert.

Can Ros and Grady move on from the past, or will their pain drive them apart?

Six years ago, the Balfours lost their only child to a hit-and-run driver. A few months ago, Ros discovered Grady’s affair. With their marriage fast disintegrating, they decide to take a three-month camping trip into the heart of Australia to try and mend deep wounds and rekindle the fire that once fused them close. This trip will decide the fate of their relationship: do they have enough courage and enough love left to accept what life has put them both through? But trust and forgiveness don’t come easily, and Ros and Grady have to navigate not only the wilderness of the Outback and the challenges of other travellers, but also the chasm of grief and bitterness they have sunk into over the last six years. Their only hope for survival lies in facing the secrets they have both tried to keep buried …

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  1. I am reading your book now Maggie, on the recommendation of Tess Woods. I’ve only just started. It might be difficult for me (I say that right up front). I have 2 boys, aged 8 and 6, and so I can imagine you’ll understand there could be a trigger there for me 🙂

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