AUSSIE MONTH with Kate J Squires

Kate J Squires


AUSSIE MONTH with Kate J. Squires

Describe yourself in one word:
Wordsmith.  (Totally a real word.)

Tell us about Heat Wave:
Heat Wave was one of my favourite books to write, my biggest, most over-the-top romance to date – it’s got everything!  A sexy cowboy, a lost love backstory, a steamy reality TV competition with unscrupulous producers, and it’s all set on board a luxury cruise ship.

What inspired this novel?
I used to work on a cruise ship in my younger days, and I loved it.  But for my friends in relationships, it could be hard because being on a ship meant that you were trapped – if you had a break up, there was nowhere to hide!  I also have a dear friend who works behind the scenes on Survivor, and I love his tales of the madness on set.  I find reality TV fascinating – combining it with a ship environment worked so well for this title.

What are you reading right now?
I’m deep in a writing sprint at the moment, but I have a backlog of TBR titles to plough into when I’m done!  I love supporting fellow Aussie authors because we have such a wealth of talent here.

Number one thing to do on your bucket list?
Sneak into a bookstore, wait until no one is looking, then sign copies of my own book thanking people in advance for reading.  Unfortunately to make this happen, I’ll need to wait until I actually have a title on shelves because signing someone else’s is probably just vandalism…

Best thing about being an Aussie?
Being able to lie shamelessly to Americans and say that the Hemsworth brothers live next door to me.  That and the qualities Australians share – our huge hearts and our humour.  We love a good romance with a happy ending, and we’ll always make you laugh along the way.

What you want readers to know about the romance genre?
There’s no shame in it!  Frustratingly, romance is still seen as a sub-standard genre in many circles – something to be embarrassed by as if it’s not really worth reading.  Romance keeps the world spinning – it sells billions of books, and some of the greatest stories in history would be nothing without romance.  Let’s fly our heart-shaped banner high, people!

What have you got in store for your readers in 2016?
I’ve got a ton of projects in the air – we’ll just see where everything lands!  But I’m always writing new stories and chatting with my readers – I love staying connected with the people who support what I do.

What were your big achievements of 2015?
I signed a print contract for a novel to hit Australian shelves in 2017.  That was one of my biggest goals, and kicking it felt unreal!  There’s so much work involved in becoming print published, especially in Australia where we don’t buy as much print stuff as we used to.  Being e-published and being print published are still very different games.  Although my e-reader is filled with titles, I still love to purchase a physical book by my favourite author, sit down with a cuppa and dive into the magic.



Heat Wave
Kate J Squires

It may not be the love boat, but this cruise is definitely setting sail for sex, adventure and love.

They were the right couple at the wrong time…

When Maddie runs into her old high school boyfriend Beau on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, she can’t believe how natural – and right – it feels to be back by his side. But her romantic daydreams are shattered when she turns up at her new job and discovers that her sweet Texan flame is the star of the new hit reality show Ship of Love.

But does a chance meeting mean a new beginning, or history repeating itself?

As a production assistant, Maddie is forced to watch ten gorgeous ladies in designer bikinis compete for Beau’s attention in luxurious settings, while Maddie chases after them in t-shirts and running shoes. The work is hard, her boss wants to throw her overboard and Maddie is rapidly losing her resolve against workplace romances. The show might be all smooth sailing, but Maddie is facing rough waters ahead.

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