Tell Us Your Backstory with Jennifer St George

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Tell Us Your Backstory with Jennifer St George


Travelling as Inspiration

I’ve always loved to travel. I love new places, new gastronomic delights, new languages, new cultures and trying new things.

I used to work in jobs where I flew all over the world. When I worked in London for a big corporation, I travelled to Russia, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, the US and the Canary Islands all in within the first year. All this travel has been fabulous for helping to set my books in interesting, international locations.

In my latest book, Wild For You, I start the story in New York. The last time I visited New York was a while ago, but as I walked down Fifth Avenue I had this overwhelming feeling that New York was a place where you could achieve anything. Certainly my heroine in Wild For You, fashion designer Madison Mills, has achieved great things in the Big Apple, but it has come at a heavy price.

Most of Wild For You is set in the Tasmania wilderness in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. This was a result of another of my great loves. Walking. I love going walking. Every year my family heads up to Queensland to the Lamington National Park. We spend a week walking the amazing bush tracks. A few years back I decided to tackle something a little more challenging. I walked the Cradle Mountain Lake St Claire wilderness trail in Tasmania, 65 kilometres over six days, and it was this trip that is the inspiration for Wild For You.

The walk was guided by Cradle Mountain Huts Walks. The company has been running guided walks for over twenty-years and of course, they have huts.  Huts mean hot meals, hot showers, warm cabins and chilled wine. All this delivered by young, fit guides who take care of everything. It was these guides that were the inspiration for my hero, Daniel Black. He is an ex-military man and he just happens to run a walking tour company in the Tasmanian wilderness.


There were so many highlights on the Cradle Mountain walk. The greatest experience was climbing Tasmania’s highest peek, Mt Ossa. It stands at 1,617 metres in the middle of the National Park. Making it to the top does involve a lot of scrambling over huge boulders. The view is worth it even if you are a little intimidated by the climb. From the top, a quarter of Tasmania is visible and not one man-made thing (well there’s an old disused mining road to the east, but we ignored that). When Daniel and Madison climb the mountain in my story, they are in for the unexpected.

The guides on our walk were passionate about conservation and taught us lots of interesting ecological facts. We visited a myriad of beautiful waterfalls; explored a disused mine shaft featuring one lonely spider and lots of cave crickets (ugly little critters); held Fairy’s Aprons, sweet little purple flowers; splashed in freezing rivers and lakes; ambled through ancient rainforests and learned about the wonderful array of native fauna and flora. A number of these sites feature in the book.


Wild For You sees Madison leaves behind her glamourous life for one week to rediscover her mojo. Little does she know that she’ll end up walking the stunning Cradle Mountain trail alone with hot hiking guide, Daniel. But what could possibly happen in those cute log cabins in the woods?



Wild for You
Jennifer St George

When her celebrity boyfriend breaks up with her on camera to boost the ratings of his TV show, fashion designer Madison Mills instructs her assistant to organise a vacation that’s a long way from New York, where there are no paparazzi and where there are definitely no hot men.

Madison soon finds herself on a walking tour in the wilds of remote Tasmania. There’s no chance she’ll be recognised but on the ‘no hot men’ criteria, her assistant has spectacularly failed. The lead guide, Daniel Black, could be the face and body of any fashion campaign. But, Daniel’s quick judgement that’s she an urban princess has her bristling with every step.

Ex-military man Daniel has found peace in the wilderness. Hosting walking tours ensures lots of solitude and no long-term commitments. So when circumstances lead to him guiding Madison alone, he’s not sure he can survive for nearly a week with a woman whose life revolves around hemlines and fashion shows.

The rugged landscape challenges them both and Daniel soon learns there is more to Madison than meets the eye. But when Madison’s location is leaked to the press, can he convince her that a wilderness guide and a fashion designer from the opposite side of the world can find a way to make it work?

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3 Comments on Tell Us Your Backstory with Jennifer St George

  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, J’aimee.

  2. I read this yesterday and it was a terrific read. It captured both New York and Cradle Mountain beautifully with a lovely romance as well. Everything you could want from a novel.

  3. Thanks so much for reading Wild For You, Justine. Thrilled you enjoyed it.

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