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Meet My Muse with Kerrie Paterson

Some of my best times have been spent out in nature, often camping, hiking or something more strenuous. When I get down, or need inspiration, I head for the beach or the bush.

For the last two years, I’ve volunteered as a Scout Leader. Prior to that, I was a parent helper with the younger Cubs section. Back in my own childhood and teenage years, I went right through the Girl Guide section. Led by my mum, we weren’t the typical Guide unit and spent as much time joining in with the Scouts on hikes, abseiling, canoeing etc, as we did making craft and baking.

Kerrie abseiling

Kerrie abseiling

So I grew up with those activities as part of my life. Now as a Scout leader, I’m in the enviable position of (hopefully) making a difference to the lives of 10-15 year olds as they begin the changes from kids to young adults.

I see our Scouts take great strides in their maturity in the time they’re with us, and I think a lot of that is due to getting out in nature, away from electronics and allowing them to take controlled risks. So when my character Stevie came into my mind and she ran an outdoor activities program, it seemed natural to have her work with youth. Specifically youth who had been labelled as “at-risk” – kids who were in danger of ending up with drug habits, school drop-outs or in the juvenile system.

When I researched how at-risk programs ran, it really struck me how the activities used in some programs to stop young people reoffending were the same adventurous activities we do with our Scouts. So there must be something in it!

So I guess, short answer – my muse is Mother Nature. She’s healing, challenging and inspiring, and I like to think my love of nature comes through my writing.

You can read more about Stevie in Reach for the Stars, book 5 in the Bindarra Creek Romance series, available Nov 15th.



Reach for the Stars (A Bindarra Creek romance)
Kerrie Paterson

Reach for the stars and take hold of your dreams.

In the small community of Bindarra Creek, Stevie Ryan pours her heart and soul into running Reach for the Stars – her outdoor adventure program for at-risk kids. For her, it’s more than a business, it’s personal. Unfortunately, unless she can gain funding, she’ll have to shut the program down or sell her childhood home.

Journalist Luke Fraser seems like the answer to her prayers when he arrives from Sydney to write a story about her charity, but he’s not who he seems. When he’s exposed as a potential benefactor Secret Millionaire-style, their growing relationship comes under threat. Rich, pampered, city businessmen have no place in her world, especially ones who lie. Her cheating ex-husband taught her that lesson.

But she has bigger problems to face when one of her at-risk teens disappears and their world is rocked with fear. And it’s not the untamed landscape that’s the danger.



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7 Comments on MEET MY MUSE: Kerrie Paterson

  1. Great post Kerrie. I love bushwalking and get some great ideas when its just me, the wildlife and fresh air in my face. Congratulations on your new release.

  2. Great post Kerrie. When I read Reach for the Stars I could see you in Stevie at the camp out. Such a wonderful story.

  3. kerriepaterson // November 24, 2015 at 9:56 pm // Reply

    Thanks so much for having me on your blog, J’aimee!

  4. Congratulations Kerrie! You’re very brave scaling down rocks! We used to camp and bushwalk a lot as kids and loved it. Good luck with Reach for the Stars, it’s a great read!

    • kerriepaterson // December 3, 2015 at 3:32 pm // Reply

      Thanks so much Juanita. It’s been a while since I’ve done it – I probably had less fear then 🙂

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