Small Talk

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Small Talk
with Sandra Antonelli and Leisl Leighton


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Leisl Leighton

Welcome, Leisl!

First, let’s start with what does balance mean to you?
It means having some evenness. Not being more one way than the other.


How do you achieve balance in your life?
I’m not sure I ever fully achieve it, but over the years since having my kids, I have become more and more aware of carving out time for myself and the things I want to do. It’s really important to action the belief that I am deserving of my own time and space, that I don’t come last in our house.


Do you believe that routine is important for achieving balance?
It certainly helps in regards to having balance between family, work and trying to write. It is those times when routine goes out the window – like school holidays – that I struggle to find the time to write I need.


What one thing brings the most upset to your balance?
School holidays. That is a time when my time becomes more about keeping the kids occupied and spending time organising them and their care when I’m at work.


What one thing brings you into balance?
Reorganising my work hours so that I have a day off now – that has really helped me to feel like I have some space and time. And if I’m not feeling pushed and rushed constantly to get everything done, I feel more balanced. Also, exercise – when I manage to exercise a few times a week, then I seem to feel less pressure and am more balanced about how I manage everything.


What’s the number one tip you have for others trying to achieve balance in their lives?
Give yourself some time and space. Kids and family and work are all important, but they are not more important than your goals and ambitions and needs. If you subsume your own needs with the needs of others, you will never feel whole.


What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on a few projects. My agent has the 2nd in the Dark Moon series, Healer Moon and I am waiting for notes from her on that. And while I am waiting for that, I am working on the 3rd in the series, Blood Moon, where we find out more about the history of the Were and the Witches and the Pact that ties them together. I’m also working on a new Romantic Suspense set on a Palomino Stud in Walhalla in Victoria – so I guess you could call it a Rural RomSus.



My latest release is Dark Moon, is about a woman, Skye Collins, who has spent her life refusing her Witch heritage because she’s been taught to fear her power, until she meets a man, Jason McVale, who won’t let her hide what she is. Jason draws her as no man has drawn her before and yet, at the same time, he frightens her, especially when she discovers he is a Werewolf with a claim on her and her twin brother that she can’t accept because it means she will have to face up to her past and her powers – two things she cannot do.


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Sandra Antonelli

Sandra Antonelli

Welcome, Sandra!

What does balance mean to you?
Getting and giving equal attention to different parts of my life, from work, writing, playing, and, most importantly, sleeping. I feel a theme coming on…

How do you achieve balance in your life?
I get teased by friends who are writers and friends who are non-writer because, like a child, I have a usual bedtime. I sustain stability by having a regular sleep and wake schedule. I go to bed between 9-9:30pm and rise between 5-5:30. I also eat breakfast. I notice—and my husband certainly notices—that if I alter my sleep pattern I am rather… bitchy and unhappy.

Do you believe that routine is important for achieving balance?
Some routine is very important, particularly when it comes to sleep. If your sleep pattern is out of whack there is no way you will be able to maintain equilibrium in your life. That lack of rest catches up to you; your mood, ability to concentrate, and your health will suffer.

What one thing brings the most upset to your balance?
Not sleeping enough and waiting too long to have breakfast.

What one thing brings you into balance?
Eight hours of sleep, breakfast, and coffee

What’s the number one tip you have for others trying to achieve balance in their lives?
Get plenty of sleep. You can tell I don’t have children, can’t you?


My romantic comedy Driving in Neutral was just released last month. It’s about claustrophobia, wet rodents, hideous wedding cakes, peen jokes, and finding true love.


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1 Comment on Small Talk

  1. I dips me lid to anyone who achieves balance at all, but Sandra Antonelli, I know you have LIED, at least by omission – you left out the peanut butter! and Leisl, you know I think you’re a legend to get any writing done at all, what with the job and the small persons! 🙂

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