Valentine’s Day #OzRomance showcase: Monique McDonnell

Building Attraction by Monique McDonnell
Building Attraction by Monique McDonnell

Building Attraction by Monique McDonnell


Tell us a little about your book:
My latest novel Building Attraction is Holly’s story. She’s a woman with too much on her plate. She’s trying to juggle two jobs, raise her teenage sisters and save the family farm. Then Brad Winchester a spoilt reach boy comes along and messes up her well-laid plans. Still both of them have secrets and they need to work together to keep their secrets and that’s when the sparks start to fly.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
I have been married a very long time now so Valentine’s Day isn’t as important to me as it once was. I think it is an opportunity to acknowledge that special someone in your life. Sure we shouldn’t need a special occasion to show someone how much they mean to us but people get a bit lazy there’s nothing wrong with a day that reminds us to show we care.

Favourite Valentines Day memory?
When my husband and I were first together Valentine’s day and our six month anniversary fell on the same weekend so we split who would arrange Valentine’s Day and who would arrange our anniversary. Let’s just say the whole weekend was delightful from start to finish.

Best ever Valentine’s Day gift you’ve given or received?
I used to give my husband the same bottle of wine (not the exact same bottle obviously, the same label I should say)  every Valentine’s Day for a good many years, until they got so expensive we couldn’t quite work out when to drink them. Now I make heart shaped pancakes and brownies.

What’s the appeal of the romance genre for you as a writer? As a reader?
I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in happily ever afters and in finding someone you love and making it work. I think romantic love is the ultimate act of optimism. It doesn’t just make the people involved happy it brings joy to those around them. That’s why I write and read romance, to experience that joy and optimism.


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Building Attraction
Monique McDonnell

Hers has been a life of too many responsibilities and his has been a life of too few. Could the thing that initially repelled them from each other finally be the ultimate source of attraction?

Holly Adams has two jobs in the city, two petulant teenage sisters to support, a farm with a big mortgage and a terrible secret that propels her forward. Brad Winchester has a reputation for being a spoilt playboy who has abandoned his family business but he also has a secret that has finally brought him home.

When they are forced to together at work (Holly works at the cut-throat PR Consultancy that handles his family’s account Winchester Homes – They don’t build homes, they build dreams”)  a series of misunderstandings has them at odds.

Still while working together they learn they have more in common than either might have imagined – common friends, family loyalty and dreams of something different. When life keeps pushing them in each other’s paths they must decide whether this is an attraction that might be worth building on after all.





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  1. Another great piece – what a lovely website this is! x

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