Valentine’s Day #OzRomance showcase: Phillipa Fioretti

For One Night Only by Phillipa Fioretti
For One Night Only by Phillipa Fioretti

For One Night Only by Phillipa Fioretti


Phillipa Fioretti

Tell us a little about your book:
In my new book, For One Night Only, Ornella, a young Sicilian-Australian actress, is visiting Sicily before going onto Rome for a screen test. She meets a handsome young British archaeologist, Hugh, who is excavating a newly discovered ancient Roman mosaic in the beautiful town of Taormina. Together they go to the island of Stromboli to take the guided hike up the live volcano and afterwards spend a passionate night together, unaware of the harrowing life or death adventure awaiting them as a group of ruthless art looters attempt to steal the priceless mosaic.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
My parents were married on Valentine’s Day, so it was a bit of a special day when I was growing up. I have a strong memory of my father giving my mother a big bunch of white flowers one year. I asked my mother about the date and she said they had no idea it was Valentine’s Day when they set the date, it was just a happy coincidence. There was less interest in Valentine’s Day back then. I can’t imagine a couple of 21 year olds now being unaware of it!

Favourite Valentine’s Day memory?
The thrill of getting anonymous cards in the post as a teenage girl

Best ever Valentine’s Day gift you’ve given or received?
A good morning kiss

What’s the appeal of the romance genre for you as a writer? As a reader?
As a writer I love the freedom to dig around in relationships between lovers and ponder on what makes them work or not work. I love the universality of it. Everybody wants to love and be loved for themselves and the pursuit of this is often fascinating.

As a reader I like to be swept along by the story and immersed in situations I’ll never encounter, in places I’ll never go to. I love seeing how other authors sort out the tricky business of finding, or not, somebody to love.


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For One Night Only
Phillipa Fioretti

In Italy, passion and danger share the same bed.

When Ornella vacations in Sicily, she meets Hugh, an archaeologist working on a dig in the beautiful town of Taormina. Hugh convinces Ornella to join him on a trip to the island of Stromboli, where they hike up a live volcano at dusk.

After a passionate night together Ornella, an actress usually focused on her career, suspects she’s in love. But after breakfast the next morning, Hugh vanishes.

Ornella is left with Hugh’s phone, sunglasses and a sudden end to the love affair she thought she didn’t want. Desperate to know if Hugh ran out on her or if he’s met with disaster, she wants to search for him. But with an important screen test in Rome and her agent impatiently waiting for her, Ornella faces a dilemma.

Little does she know the danger Hugh is in – and that she is the key to his survival.



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