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My desk, my BBF

It was a bit of challenge to come up with something in regards to my desk. However, when I sat at my desk the other day trying to find some ideas to write about, I figured it really is very simple. MY DESK IS MY BEST BUDDY FOREVER.

I’ve always been a lover of a desk.  I must’ve been around  twelve years old when dad moved out and mum got me a desk… suddenly my parents’ divorce hadn’t been such a bad thing at all (from a young girl’s perspective!). Sharing a small room with two sisters, I suppose, it was my own space, my little area just for me.  My space to organise – I’m so into organising, it sometimes scares me.

But there was more to it than simply my desk at home. After school, I would sometimes go to mum’s work and sit at the office desk pretending to work.  Or write on the typewriter.

Remember the old typewriters?  Jerry Lewis’ movie comes to mind. LOL.

Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked.

There was a desk when I moved out, there was a desk when I lived in London, there was NO desk when I lived in Montreal, no wonder I left after only a few weeks. It was the lack of a desk. The lack of a place to go to when I needed to sit down and “organise”.

When I took a photo of my desk, I wanted to tidy it up first, but, hey, this is me! My desk is a mess.  A constant mess and possibly the reason for my husband’s grey hair. This mess is so against my nature, because everything else in life needs to be tidy and organised. I kid you not.

The special anecdote about the desk in a very brief version is, hubby and I met on a Contiki Tour in Canada, the desk was bought via eBay, when we picked up the desk the woman said to hubby, “I know you.” I was obviously a bit taken aback, but it turned out that she had been on the same tour we were on (I obviously hadn’t made the same impression!)

That’s the story about my desk. AND of course, it’s a hunk of a good-looking desk and I just love it.

My BBF and I have come up with a few good stories so far, I reckon – but hey, don’t just take my word for it, have a read yourself! I’ll be eternally grateful J

Thank for stopping by everyone, and thanks to J’aimee for this opportunity. Although initially a bit overwhelming, it was nice to introduce you all to this important furniture in my house.


I love sitting at my desk and get distracted by people contacting me … please do 🙂


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7 Comments on AT MY DESK: Iris Blobel

  1. Now looking at it, I think I should’ve tidied up a little bit. LOL

    Thanks for having me, J’aimee. It was heaps of fun coming up with a blog post for my desk!

  2. jeff7salter // May 21, 2014 at 11:31 am // Reply

    I love a good desk. Was very productive at the one I used for 26 yrs at the Library where I worked. I’ve done my writing in so many different places over my life that I can’t even begin to list them… including a piece of plywood across the arms of a chair — and, of course, the kitchen table. But when we built our first and only new house in 2007, my wife bought me a desk / work station with cabinets high and low, plus a credenza. That’s where I’ve produced all of my recent fiction except for the first two novels.

    • The kitchen table … haven’t we all at some stage in our life sat at the kitchen table to write. And Jeff, your desk sounds great … I think I need to add that idea to the 4F1H list 🙂

  3. My husband and I share a similar roll-top desk, Iris, and it makes yours look tidy! Of course, I blame him for the mess!

    • LOL – thanks Heather. Next time my husband complaints about the mess I will tell him that it is his opinion and in fact others think it’s not that bad at all 😉

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