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At My Desk
Ann B Harrison

Okay, I’ll admit it up front – my desk is a mess. But hey, I have a good excuse for that. Well I think I do anyway.  We moved to the Hunter Valley in May 2013 just in time for winter. That  wasn’t planned very well but we wanted a change from living in the desert and boy, did we get one. To make things easier, we decided to camp out in my eldest daughters guest quarters – that way she could get comfortable with her job (she is a nurse in the mining industry) doing whatever shifts she had to until a permanent roster came around and we had somewhere to live while keeping an eye on the kidlets.

Our family has always been close. At some stage every one of our children have come home with their families for a stay while they changed homes or jobs, so this time we decided to be the visitors. Call it payback!

That meant all of our furniture went into storage including my beautiful big antique desk. No room for it in the guest quarters so I found an old desk in a garage sale and struggle to fit everything into it. Hence the mess. (see, I told you I have a good excuse) One tiny drawer and a shelf for my papers. So not me. I thrive with my clutter organised around me, always have. I like things within reach. I write better that way.

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When I was writing Fighter Boy, Book Two of the Club series, instead of my wall charts and timelines pinned on the office door, I was relegated to putting everything on paper. The only pictures I had on the wall were my main characters. All the information I normally have was beside me on the floor, crammed into pages of a huge notebook. It made things harder but I struggled through it all. Ryan was still the hot cage fighter I wanted him to be and Teddy the strong determined woman who would bring him to his knees. You can find out more about their story here.

Our new home is only a couple of months away now and I can’t wait to unpack all of my boxes. It will be like Christmas. Somehow I think there will be a massive garage sale though. I have to admit to being a bit of a hoarder and will probably cringe when I see how much stuff I kept. Although, one room that won’t be slimmed down at all will be my office. My bookcases will still be filled to overflowing, piles of books (all for research obviously) will be piled around the floor, my post it notes will end up on the wall beside my desk , timelines will appear miraculously on the door and my trusty desk top computer will come out of storage once again as back up when editing.

Red Dirt Lawyer is booked in for edits in December. I wonder if it will finished before the move or will it make it to completion with me jammed up at my small desk? I’m hoping not!


About the Author:
Ann swears she was born with a book in her hand and after years of reading she achieved her dream of writing…and publication.

Her debut novel – Taming to Outback was released in 2012 and since then she has published another five raunchy rural romances and two steamier reads. She’s currently working on a series The Club – destined to blow your mind.

Strong sexy heroines with a good dash of sass thrown in feature in all her stories, and of course a strong, passionate hero or two complete the mix.

With more than a little help from her own handsome hero Ann is living her dream in the beautiful Hunter Valley busy making sexy Australian heroes available to everyone.


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