Author Spotlight: Iris Blobel

Describe yourself in one word:

What is your background with regard to writing?
I have to admit, I have no writing background at all. In fact, I’d describe myself more a “number” person, numbers come easy to me. When I wrote my first book, it was only intended for me, then family, and then friends liked the story as well… in a way in “rollercoasted” from then on, and I’ve learned more from one book to the next. Now I wish I had done the “theory” first before writing the books.

When did you first begin writing with a view of embarking on a career as a published author?
Honestly… I still don’t see it as a career for me. I write my stories, and I’m incredibly lucky to have had them published. It’d be nice to “write” full time, if it happens, great, if not, life goes on and I still have my job I really like.

Tell us a little more about Fresh Beginnings:
Fresh Beginnings is the 3rd book in the “Beginnings” series, which follows the lives of sisters Sophie and Mia Levesque as they inherit a house in Hobart from a stranger, as well as their friends they meet along the way.

The central character, Jared Fraser, decides to embark on his own fresh beginning and sets out to explore the United States in a motorhome. What inspired this ‘beginning’?
Jared’s attending a wedding and notices how everyone around him is happy in a relationship. As a workaholic, he realises it’s time to break out of his routine and do something different.

Hitting Route 66 in search of new adventures sounds like a marvellous idea! What was your favourite part of writing about Jared’s travels?
My husband and I took our two girls to the US last year. We rented a motorhome and travelled through five states in a bit over three weeks. We had the most amazing time, exploring this beautiful country, meeting wonderful people, learning about the US culture, and having a little chuckle at some “differences”. I’d describe the story as “our diary” with a romance written around it.

Fresh Beginnings is third instalment in the ‘Beginnings’ series, how many more are there to come?
In theory, that’s it, but the voices in my head tell me otherwise. I just jotted down a few ideas for a fourth story, I’m not sure, yet, where it’ll lead.

One thing you’d like readers to know about the romance genre…
Romance is the soul of love, and love is the water of life.

If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
I’ve tried it all, knitting, stitching, exercises…. Writing is it, I don’t think there’d be something else for me.

Biggest accomplishment to date:
My two beautiful girls.

What’s next for you?
I just follow the path that is put in front of me.


Confessions of an Author: 

Favourite snack whilst writing?
Apples, aniseed lollies…. And coke 🙂

Is there something we’d be shocked to know about you?
Like putting my finger up my nose? LOL… I don’t think there is. And no, I don’t put my finger up my nose.

What do you find easiest to write? And, the hardest?
OH MY GOD, every time I have a sex scene I nearly die…….

Favourite travel experience?
All my travels with my family have been special. There have been good ones great ones, but I couldn’t single one out.

Favourite fictional character:
My book? Daniel from Sweet Dreams, Miss England. A book I’ve read: Ivan from If you could see me now.

Milk or dark chocolate? Milk chocolate

Red, white, bubbly? I love Ice Wine

Salty or sweet? SWEET

Beach or mountains? Beach, but I love the mountains as well.

Give or receive? Give.



About the Author:
Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she actually had met her future husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only recently emerged, but now her laptop is a constant companion. Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her beautiful two daughters as well as her dog. Next to her job at a private school she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.



Find Iris online:



Fresh Beginnings
Iris Blobel

The small town of Hobart in Tasmania has witnessed many beginnings in recent years. At yet one more beginning, the wedding of a friend, Jared Fraser decides it’s time for some fresh beginnings to come his way… And he sets out for a holiday to the US to travel along the Route 66 in a motorhome.

Ivy Bennett thought leaving her boyfriend would be the hard part. It doesn’t take long to figure out how wrong she was. As she struggles with making a new start in her life, the last person she expects to lead her to happiness is a laid-back Australian on holiday.

Then the arrival of family friend Mia Levesque and her boyfriend, Josh, turns Jared’s holidays upside-down when he’s forced to play arbitrator between the two teenagers.




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    Many congratulations Iris!

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