Finding My Voice
Ann Grech

I think perhaps my voice found me.  For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer.  But then I grew up and decided to get a ‘real’ job so gave up on writing as a career.  What I didn’t realise at the time was that I could have both.  I fell into reading romance novels and when I read my first erotic romance story something just clicked.  Suddenly I found myself remembering how much I wanted to be a writer so, I had a go.  I discovered the most cathartic release writing erotic romance.  I can let my creative juices flow, something you absolutely cannot do writing a law doctorate (my day job), creating plot lines and passionate characters who fall hopelessly in love and have scorching hot encounters.

One thing that I found pretty quickly was my comfort zone in terms of writing style.  I find it easy to write in first person.  Anything else is sitting incomplete and discontinued on my computer.  One day I’m hoping I will have developed my skills enough that I’ll come back to those drafts and hopefully, turn them into stories.

I decided to self-publish my first trilogy.  Adversaries’ Lust, Adversaries’ Pain and Adversaries’ Love follows the love story is of the slightly neurotic, beautiful and damaged but brilliant solicitor, Emma Wilson.  She has had her heart broken in the past so shied away from any relationships for years.  When she meets Nicholas Daniels, her opponent in a court case that she’s travelled to Brisbane, Queensland for, she thinks he’s gorgeous but arrogant.  When he kisses her she melts and yet, wants to punch him.  Their love affair is fast, passionate, erotic, filled with speed bumps and some not so small hurdles that they work their way though.

Self-publishing was the right decision for the Adversaries’ Series, but on my next book I decided to try a different approach.  I pitched my manuscript to a boutique publisher at a writer’s event and, hey presto, they invited me to submit it.  Bottom Drawer Publications have just picked up ‘Delectable’ the first in a series of four books firmly in the erotic romance genre.

While I don’t have a mentor, I have had some great advice from other authors that I’ve connected with via Facebook.  One of those authors suggested that I pick up a copy of Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant.  My advice to any aspiring author: get that book.  Read it carefully.  Follow the advice in it.  It’s a great resource and breaks down writing as a career into fairly easy to follow steps.


Adversaries’ Lust
Ann Grech

Emma Wilson had no idea that taking on this particular case would change her life.  And that’s a good thing, one that she desperately needs.  Her days are running into one, exhaustion overtaking her.  Desperately lonely but afraid to experience another painful and humiliating breakup, she has thrown herself into work.  At 28 she has become a leading environmental lawyer.  While her career has taken off, she has little time left for friends and a social life and her sex life is all but non-existent.

At the end of a trial two years in the making she is just looking forward to no longer having to deal with her opposing solicitor, Nicholas Daniels.  Since beginning to work as his adversary, she has clashed with him repeatedly.  He is cocky, arrogant and demanding and has had to fight him at every turn.

Then she meets him.  He immediately sets her body on fire.  Trying to put him out of her mind is impossible and she finds herself drawn to him like a moth to the flame.  A steamy love affair develops between them quickly, but their passionate romance is tested by Nicholas’ fears and the two greatest challenges of Emma’s life.  Will they survive?

Adversaries’ Lust is part one of a three book series.  The other titles in the collection are Adversaries’ Pain (part two) and Adversaries’ Love (part three).


Adversaries’ Pain
Ann Grech

Emma Wilson and Nicholas Daniels have discovered a passion and sensuality in their young relationship, but that happiness is shattered when a life changing event happens to Emma.  Emma will use all her strength to attempt to recover her equilibrium but can she succeed?

Nicholas declares his love for Emma and makes a request of her that will have more life-changing ramifications.  Can she successfully balance their relationship without losing part of herself, without entirely submitting to his power over her?  Can they overcome Nicholas’ sad past to achieve happiness together?


Adversaries’ Love
Ann Grech

Emma Wilson and Nicholas Daniels have had a whirlwind romance and discovered love, an explosive sex life and happiness together.  After proposing to Emma, Nicholas introduces her to his mother.  Mrs Daniels’ reception towards Emma is less than warm, dredging up old ghosts and painful memories for Nicholas.  When Nicholas inadvertently reveals a secret that he has been keeping from Emma, her faith in him is shattered, much to his mother’s happiness.  Can she move past this so that they can achieve the happily ever after that they have both been dreaming of or will a tragic accident tear them apart permanently?



About the Author
Well, I’m an early-30’s (ok, ok let’s just pretend I’m in my early 30’s), a former solicitor (I know, don’t hold it against me!), a teacher, a mum of two beautiful, if slightly rambunctious, boys, a wife, an avid erotic romance reader and a new writer.  I’ve lived on the Gold Coast for over half my life and love it.



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