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Finding My Voice
Alysha Ellis


I used to be a student and teacher of serious, canon literature. You know the kind of stuff—Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer. I am such a nerd I even took a course in Middle English…which has nothing at all to do with Middle Earth, more’s the pity. I looked down my nose at popular literature and hadn’t touched a romance since I was thirteen and reading Georgette Heyer. Until one day, being stuck waiting somewhere without anything to read, I picked up a Linda Howard romantic suspense—and that was it. From that moment on I was hooked.

I had always wanted to write but hadn’t ever found my story. But now I knew. These were the stories I wanted to tell.  I loved the emotions, the tension and lets be honest here—the sex was pretty hot too and I really liked that.

At first I wrote fairly mild books, the kind my mother wouldn’t entirely disapprove of. But there was no zing. So to get my romantic scenes popping, a friend suggested I write some really sexy stuff, just “To free up my mind and style.” My mind broke free all right. I discovered I had a talent for writing steamy scenes. I also discovered that I loved writing tales where two or more alpha males bounced off each other—in more ways than merely verbal.

I had begun my journey into writing ménage. My first novella, Ghostly Ménage involved one woman and three of the hottest male ghosts I could create. It was released in 2009 and is still selling well. I have since written historical ménage novellas, The Gardener’s Sins and A Boudoir for Three, a light bondage ménage Submitting to Him, a cowboy ménage, Claiming the Cowboys and two full-length ménage sci-fi, paranormals, Warrior’s Apprentice and Warriors and Lovers.

My mother and sister think sex should never be mentioned in any situation and they like to pretend my books don’t exist. I think sex and romance are an important part of life—an enjoyable part and there is no reason at all to be ashamed of taking pleasure in it. If sex weren’t meant to make us feel good—it wouldn’t feel so good. Self-evident really.

I also write some M/F couples stories, but it’s ménage that stirs my interest the most. I know at least part of the motivation is the desire to be worshipped by more than one man –in Ghostly Ménage, Adam, Benedict and  Chad call Kelsey “Goddess”, and readers have told me they really like that! I don’t have to worry about whether the reality would live up to the fantasy…that’s the beauty of fiction. It’s my world and I can have perfection any time I want, with anyone I want.

You’ve probably guessed from this that I fall a little in love with every hero I write. I always have a happily ever after. I adore my characters and I want them to be happy…after I’ve tortured them for a while. Because you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until you risk losing it.



About the Author:
Alysha Ellis used to be a sweet, conservative girl (Yeah right, like anyone would ever believe that!) Then her Inner Tart escaped its shackles and demanded to be heard. Other writers have a muse, Alysha has a wild woman whispering dirty stories in her ear. When she isn’t listening gob-smacked to the extraordinary tales her tart feeds her and writing them down for others to read, Alysha can most usually be found snow skiing, drinking champagne or eating large amounts of chocolate. An attempt to do all three at once wasn’t particularly successful, but she did manage to get some interesting signatures on the cast. Having yielded to the influence of her evil inner self, Alysha has made a discovery she’d like to share with you all…Bad girls have all the fun.



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