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Finding My Voice
Mel Teshco

First of all, thanks so much J’aimee for inviting me to post on AusRom Today, I’m so thrilled to be here and talking about “Finding my Voice.”

A voice is a gift that is unique to every single author, a way of stringing words and sentences together that no other author can exactly replicate. Pick up a book by Denise Rossetti or Kylie Scott, or even (of course) Stephen King, and once you’ve read a few of their books, you’ll probably know who wrote the book without seeing their name on the cover.

To my mind, a voice is always there, even when starting out, but it’s not fully realized until a writer finishes his/her apprenticeship and is at the publishable stage (Remembering many writers are brilliant at their craft long before they get a contract.)

I started my writing journey with no clue really about anything—aside from the fact I loved English at school and liked to scribble down stories. It wasn’t until I joined Romance Writers of Australia that I was able to refine my writing skills. But I lacked one thing many writers had in spades—confidence. I can honestly say my dream of being published was overshadowed for a long time by my fear of success.

But surrounding myself with other writers, gaining confidence by joining an online critique group and then entering writing competitions and finalling and even winning a few times, was when it clicked. I’d finally worked hard enough to become a writer. I’d found my voice, a voice that was connecting to readers. I was ready to be published. I’d even had a request from Harlequin Nocturne for one of my manuscripts (Shadow Hunter – now self-published).

Even better is to work with other authors who I really admire and who have their own unique voice. Authors like Shona Husk (amazingly clever and prolific) and Denise Rossetti, who I’m lucky enough to work alongside to bring you a sexy, futuristic sci-fi series continuity called ES Siren. Yours to Uncover, Yours to Command and Yours to Desire can be pre-ordered through Amazon, with another three books to be released in late November. BTW – we’ve started an ES Siren blog with diary entries from our characters. It’s a prequel to our stories and I think it’s a pretty cool concept.

So after all my rambling, my advice to aspiring authors is to write as much as possible, learn your craft and gain your confidence – enter comps and find that tough skin for criticisms from readers and even your peers. I have no doubt then, that your voice will find you. =)



About the Author:
Mel Teshco presently lives in the suburbs of Queensland, Australia,  residing in an over-priced rental with her family. She’ll often be found dreaming of the mountainous, open spaces of her acreage, fondly called ‘the block’, where one fat black thoroughbred and  a grey welsh mountain pony are presently enjoying their freedom. In the meantime, four cats and one overwrought Belgian shepherd put up with a handkerchief backyard and no doubt wait longingly for their next big move back to the country.



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1 Comment on FINDING MY VOICE: Mel Teshco

  1. Becoming a writer is one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had.
    The next scariest is finding out what the general public think og your writing.
    Good spot Mel.

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