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Hi! Thanks for having me on today J’aimee and welcome to my desk 🙂

I’ve had my own official office (the spare bedroom) for almost two years and I’ve been trying to turn it into a cosy little writing den. After all, all “real writers” have their own perfect writing space, don’t they?

So that’s what I’ve been trying to create. I have a “wall of love” which is covered in family photos, a huge, almost floor-to-ceiling window with a gorgeous view of two beautiful old gum trees and a nice wide desk, with notebooks, and pens, and the ever-vigilant external hard-drive for those essential back-ups.

AusRomToday Amanda Canham 2

In theory, it is my ultimate writing space – surrounded by beauty, love and inspiration.

But I have a confession to make… I don’t use my desk.

Well, okay, that’s not completely true. I do spend some time there – minimal, but some.

See, I’ve managed to carve out two writing days a week – Sundays and Mondays. During my Sunday Sesh, when hubby and the kids are home, running rampant around the house, I need a space where I can close the door and lock myself away, which is why I need my office (although dear Miss 4 has worked out how to unlock the door so it doesn’t always work). On these days I start out at the desk. I try and get a good session in on the next book in my sleep medicine romance series (Nights at St Mary’s – a must read for anyone with Offspring withdrawals).

But then I get itchy feet and I need to walk around, to find a new sitting position. I jump into the recliner for a few minutes; sometimes I lie down, all stretched out on the floor. I’ve tried standing at my desk, with my laptop sitting atop a huge pile of books (that didn’t work very well). I’ve even been known on occasion to sneak stealthily through the house, laptop in hand, to snuggle onto my bed to work. After all, my bedroom also has a lock (that my daughter can unlock).

But on Magic Mondays, when I have the house to myself, this is where I can be found:

AusRomToday Amanda Canham 3

Yes, that is my comfy leather lounge. Note, the coffee cup perched on the sun-drenched window sill; the well-worn creases in my favourite corner seat; and the stereo speaker at the back to pump out those much needed inspirational tunes.

I love this lounge so much, I’ve even worked it into my latest novel – A Heart Worth Mending – though Kelli and Travis find a very different use for it. Intrigued? Well, you’re in luck, because

That’s it from me today. Thanks for having me around and I hope you enjoyed the view from my desk! If you want to find out any more info, jump on the links below.

XX Amanda



About the Author:
Surrounded by creative types (author mother, artist mother-in-law, designer sister – the list goes on!) Amanda never imagined she had a creative bone in her body. Not until she put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) whilst pregnant with her second child. But after that fateful day, when she caught the writing bug, she’s never looked back. Balancing work as a sleep scientist, raising two small children and writing whenever she gets the chance, life is certainly full, but has never been more fun.



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A Heart Worth Mending
Amanda Canham

Delve back into the exciting world of St Mary’s hospital in this new contemporary romance from Amanda Canham that introduces two sleep-medicine doctors, one sexy beach interlude and a workplace romance that’s sure to leave you feeling a whole lot better.

Crippled by guilt, Sleep Physician Doctor Kelli Maloney is only going through the motions of her life each day. A startling encounter with a sexy stranger jolts her back into the present, but brings all the pain she’s been trying to forget to the fore.

Doctor Travis Reed is struggling to maintain an interstate relationship with his son when he meets Kelli, a woman so beautiful, but so wounded. He knows he can help, if only she would let him in.

As doctors, they spend their days caring for others, but it seems impossible that they will ever get past their individual pain and start caring for themselves. A chance at love and happiness is right in front of them, if only they can both take the chance to heal each other’s hearts.

Amazon  |  Escape Publishing




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