FINDING MY VOICE: Constance Masters



Finding My Voice: Constance Masters


I believe I found my voice very early in life. In fact it was said when I was little that I never stopped talking. It was hard, with two sisters and a brother and my grandparents living with us it was not always easy to get a word in, particularly as I was the youngest. I was also well known for my notes, when I felt I wasn’t being hear, maybe that was the start of my love of writing.

When I was young, writing was my favourite part of school. Part of composition writing was when they would hand out a picture and you had to write a story based on what you saw and what you felt while looking at the picture.

Now as a writer I find my job is the complete opposite. The story has to come from characters that seed in my head. Once the story has been crafted I have to pass my vision through to the cover people at the publishers because what they create as a cover will be the first thing that the reader sees. It’s a cycle really.

I was lucky enough last year to be given the opportunity to be involved in someone else’s dream. Thianna Doesitmatter had a vision of Corbin’s Bend, Colorado. A fictitious housing cooperative, Corbin’s Bend is unique in that everyone living there is into spanking, whether that be erotically or through domestic discipline.

Corbin’s Bend started with ten authors who all wrote their own stories set in Corbin’s Bend while intermingling their characters with those of the other authors. The series sold very well and now we are on to series two.

My book in the first series was Leading The Way and now my book ion the second series The One She Loves is due out on November 19. It is my first F/F story. It’s set in Corbin’s Bend and tells the story of Carol and Crystal. Like most of my books there is fun and romance aplenty.



Leading The Way
Constance Masters

Carol and Crystal love the lives they share in Corbin’s Bend with their nine year old daughter Brianna.

Carol is a taken in hand bundle of fun but she is not a Susie homemaker. Their house is often times a mess. She’d rather spend time living life than cleaning. She loves Crystal and Brianna and she loves spending time with her friends. She often finds herself over her girlfriends knee for a bare bottomed spanking for getting her priorities wrong.

Crystal is a fire-fighter and the head of their loving home. She’s fit, neat and organised. Apart from her career, Carol and Brianna are her world, and while she knows friendships are important, she feels somewhat threatened by how much her girl shares with her friends and not with her.

When Carol decides she wants a baby, it throws their house into a spin. Crystal isn’t sure and wants to wait. When Carol’s three naughty friends from Leading the Way (4th in the Corbin’s Series) see how disappointed their friend is, they help the young mom go on a sperm search with hilarious results. Only problem is, Crystal knows nothing about their hijinks.

Can a punishment fix this mess or will what Crystal sees as disloyalty tear them apart?



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