Tourmaline Truth


Author Spotlight: Khloe Wren


Describe yourself in one word:
Neurotic? Lol, seriously… I’d say loyal would describe me best in a word.


What is your background with regard to writing?
Ahh, well, I have no ‘qualifications’ in the writing field.  Most of my working life has been spent working as a legal secretary so I’ve had plenty of experience working with the written word, but I’ve never attended a writing course.


When did you first begin writing with a view of embarking on a career as a published author?
I’ve always read excessively and often dreamed about writing a book. But fan fiction didn’t interest me so without an idea, I didn’t every attempt to write. Then, after major surgery I was stuck unable to lift or carry anything for six months.  While unable to do much but sit around and think, I got an idea and my husband encouraged me to start writing.  Within a week I had around ten thousand words on my first book (Her Guardian Angel) and I thought ‘I can really do this’. The rest, as they say, is history and I’m now a bestselling author of more than a dozen books!


Tell us a little more about Tourmaline Truth:
Tourmaline Truth is about young single mother Sharron as she finds herself the focus of a vampire on the prowl.  Sharron’s not been educated about vampires and in fear makes some truly crappy decisions.  Along with her vampire, Barret, she ends up being held captive by their enemies for twenty seven years before finding freedom once again. But that’s not the end.  While being held captive, she was forced to birth more children that were stolen from her.  Sharron is deeply hurt by the fact that she’d not been allowed to raise any of her children and searches them out.  But once again, it’s not that simple! And I don’t want to spoil it for readers, so I’ll leave it there!


Tourmaline Truth isn’t your average boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. The central characters Barret and Sharon both face difficult and complex paths on their way to love. Tell me, what was your biggest challenge in writing Barret and Sharon’s story?
Sharron is Darcy’s mother (the heroine from book 1), so the hardest part was making facts I’d thrown into the first book fit in this one.  Some facts did change, fortunately, the first book hadn’t been released yet so I could change them. For example, in the original Sapphire Angel storyline, Darcy is abandoned at a hospital when she is only days old.  In reality, back in the ‘80s, Sharron would have still been in hospital after the delivery.  So it was changed to three months.  There were a few little things like that that took some tweaking to get it to fit. Another challenge for me was writing the PTSD scenes after the rescue. I personally suffer from PTSD and it cut close to the bone to write some of the scenes, especially the scene after they shower together. Barret tugs her hair and sends Sharron straight back to her captivity. It’s a truly powerful scene, one that had my proofreader on the edge of her seat!


What one character trait will most endear both Barret and Sharon to your readers?
Their ability to move forward.  They both suffer greatly throughout their captivity but in the end, they get free and smile as they move on with life.


What do you want readers to know about the romance genre?
Hmm… I guess the main thing is that, at least with my books, there is always so much more to the story than the romance.  The lead couple getting together and sorting their issues out is an important part, but not the only part.  There’s bad guys and kidnappings, suspense and intriguing backstories (and if you like the creation story of the Nobles, you’re going to LOVE the creation story of the vampires which will be revealed in the third book ‘Opal Blaze’.)


If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
On top of writing, I work one day a week in a law office, do the book work for my self employed hubby, and chase our two young daughters… I guess, if I wasn’t writing, I’d be reading a lot more! Lol, my days seem to fill quite quickly, even when I’m not actively writing.


What’s next for you?
I’m currently under the pump to finish off Fire and Snow third installement, Guardian’s Shadow.  I hope to have that finished in the next week or so.  After that I have the fourth book in that series to write, plus the third Gemstone Vampire book, I’ve also got another three projects started that I need to finish.  Not to mention the new ideas that are floating around my brain desperate for some air time!



Ten Quickies:

What book is currently on your nightstand?
Delicious by Shayla Black.  I love Shayla’s work, and her Wicked Lovers series is no exception.  When I’m on deadline with writing, I re-read books.  If I try to read new books, I get distracted and don’t write at all until I’ve finished it.


What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
Be yourself, they won’t like you no matter how much you try to change for them.  So don’t.  Stay true to yourself and who you know you are inside.


It’s almost Christmas (yes, already!), tell us: what are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
*blocks ears and starts singing* LALALALALALALA (If I can’t hear you, it’s not true!!). Sigh, okay… it is true.  An extra day in the week would certain help, but I’m not sure that’s realistic 😉 So a new good quality office chair would be nice!  My back would sure appreciate it.


Favourite Christmas recipe?
I made an icecream Christmas Pudding a couple years ago, it was delicious!


Favourite Christmas tradition?
Hmmm, don’t really have any!  Watching my girls faces as they open their presents is always a beautiful moment.


Share with us your biggest New Years Resolution for 2015:
I don’t really make resolutions, learned long ago I struggle to follow through!  However, I’m heading to RT in Dallas in May next year and would like to be fit (and slimmer) before I go.


Favourite travel experience?
May this year I went to RT in New Orleans.  I’ve always loved New Orleans and to be able to spend an entire week there was sublime.  I’m going to return after I go to Dallas next year.


Number one thing to do on your bucket list:
To go sky diving.


Milk, dark or white chocolate?
Milk!! I’m a total chocoholic.  I’ll eat white too, but not a fan of dark at all.


Red, white, bubbly?
Blah to all three!!  I’m a vodka or Midori girl J



About the Author:
Khloe Wren started writing her first novel in high school, until it mysteriously disappeared from the family computer (her older brother was the lead suspect but nothing was ever proved). She didn’t put pen to paper again after that for a number of years but she did keep reading. Khloe has always loved all things paranormal: sexy vampires and sultry shifters have always been her favourites. So when she picked up writing again, it seemed only natural she would write paranormal romance. Khloe grew up in the Adelaide Hills before her parents moved the family to country South Australia when she was a teen. As a young adult Khloe moved to Melbourne. After a few years she missed the fresh air and space of country living so moved back. Khloe currently lives in the Murraylands, South Australia with her incredibly patient husband and two young daughters. When she’s not sitting at her laptop writing, she’s spending time with family or friends, kicking butt at karate or feeding her addictions of reading, eating chocolate and drinking Coke.



Find Khloe online:




Tourmaline Truth
Khloe Wren

Vampires are real… as is the fact they will only ever take one woman, their Eternal Bride. When Barret sees Sharon, he’s excited to have finally found his Bride, until they meet and he learns Sharon knows nothing of Vampires and is scared of him. Once he seduces her into accepting his claim on her, Barret falls asleep…only to wake to find her gone. Sharon had snuck out while he slept and ends up in the hands of the enemy. His rescue attempt ends badly and they are both caught by the evil Nobles. Twenty-seven years later they find themselves finally free. As they both struggle to adjust to the outside world, Sharon is on a mission to rescue the sons she birthed in captivity. Barret wakes to find Sharon has, once again, slipped away while he slept. Will history repeat itself?




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