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Donna Gallagher


The Voices Made Me Do It…
I’ve always been an avid reader but as I left home and school at a very early age the idea that I could write something, that would be good enough to publish, never entered my head. It was the voices that made me do it…


I woke up one morning to find a male voice in my head telling me a story. Seriously I had to write the words down just to get some peace and quiet. After I finished two books I gave them to my son and sister to read. Yes, it was a little awkward having my then twenty-two year old son read the sex scenes I’d written but his feedback was positive. He is a good son and probably not the best judge of romantic fiction!


My contemporary erotic League of Love series is set in Sydney, Australia and involves players from the fictional Sydney Jets team. The stories are m/f love stories with HEA’s but of course true love never runs smoothly. I also highlight the problems faced by those in the public spotlight, some of this I could take from my own experience. I am an ex-WAG. I was married to a professional rugby league player but that’s a story for another day.


I joined Romance Writers of Australia and entered a ‘First Five Pages’ Competition. I received some great advice from the judges, took that on board and made changes to my manuscripts. I started looking at the different e-publishers and tried to work up the nerve to make a submission. Meanwhile my husband, thinking he was doing the right thing, paid to have my first book printed. He thought it would be a nice birthday gift and paid the self-publishing company a ridiculous amount of money. His heart was in the right place but it did rob me of the opportunity to send Caitlin’s Hero out into the big scary world of publishers.


A year later I decided it was time to give my writing another chance. I was forty-eight, had nothing to prove to anyone so what did I have to lose.  I sent out my first submission request for Mandy’s He-man to Totally Bound Publishing, I thought being a UK based publisher they would know more about the sport of rugby league than a publisher in the US. When I received an email from them a week later I was sure it would be a rejection but it wasn’t. Now all seven books in my League of Love series have a home at Totally Bound, even the infamous Caitlin – luckily for husband.


In an exciting turn of events I now find my voice moving away from the sports romance theme. My new book An Opportunity Seized is the first in the Haven Security series. A romantic suspense with a reluctant heiress and a commitment shy hero – Who doesn’t love an ex-soldier turned bodyguard storyline? I’ve also recently re-published A Fruitful Intimacy, a short story about a couple trying to bring back the passion in their marriage by taking a second honeymoon on a tropical island. I’ve enjoyed spreading my genre wings but I’m not ready to say goodbye to my Jet’s team just yet, I think I have at least one more story for my footy boys.




A Fruitful Intimacy
Donna Gallagher

There’s been no physical contact in their marriage for so long that when Ben first hatches his plan to take Beth away for the weekend, it really is all about the sex. Providing an environment where there are no distractions and no excuse for her to refuse his advances again. But while Ben is making the arrangements, it suddenly becomes clear to him that there’s something more important at stake— His marriage, to the woman of his dreams, is actually in trouble.

Beth believed that motherhood would come easily, that building a perfect world around her sons and husband would be achievable. But reality has proven her wrong. The more she tried, the more her failures shattered her confidence.

Can a second honeymoon really help Beth and Ben bridge that growing divide between them and bring back the fire and passion that has slowly, through years of neglect, ebbed away?

Totally Bound



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9 Comments on MEET MY MUSE: Donna Gallagher

  1. Thanks for letting me share my secrets 😉

  2. helensibbritt // February 2, 2015 at 8:03 pm // Reply

    Oh Donna loved that post I am so glad they were talking to you and that you wrote it all down because I do love your stories 🙂

    Have Fun

  3. I totally get the voices in my head part but you had the courage to actually follow through and put it out there! Such an amazingly inspirational person!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Lyn b.
      I guess I was lucky to find such a supportive publisher/editor, it gave me the confidence to try. I’ve also met some wonderful readers that keep me smiling. Thank you for your lovely words 🙂

  4. cassandrasamuels // February 3, 2015 at 10:57 am // Reply

    Great Post Donna.Sometimes we just have to listen to those voices in our head that tell us a great story and then pester us to write it down and keep writing it down until it is done. A lot of readers (me included) are grateful you listened.

  5. Lovely to hear that another Aussie romance writer was ‘gathering life experience’ for as long as I was before taking the plunge into writing and publishing. Great post Donna

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