REVIEW: Annie West’s ‘Back in the Italian’s Bed’



Back in the Italian’s Bed
Annie West

No woman walks away from billionaire Fabrizio Armati’s bed. No woman except Jenna MacDonald. Now he’ll stop at nothing to get her back, and keep her there.

It’s love at first sight for Jenna when charismatic hotelier Fabrizio Armati sweeps her off her feet in Venice. That chance encounter sparks a sizzling affair that lasts until she discovers Fabrizio sees her as no more than a convenient, expendable mistress. Then her world falls apart.

Six months later Jenna tells herself she’s moved on. Until Fabrizio walks into a meeting to find her working for his greatest rival. She’s about to discover just how far he’ll go to get her back in his bed.

When revenge turns to passion, will surrender be on his terms, or hers?




What AusRomToday thought:

What’s not to like about a tall, dark, handsome, assertive Italian alpha male… and Annie West certainly offers up a brilliant character in Fabrizio Armati. West has quite accurately portrayed the Italian male without deferring to common stereotypes which is refreshing.

Jenna MacDonald is equally as assertive and independent, she’s strong-willed but likable, and is the perfect match for a man like Fabrizio.

The story, though only a short novella, is well paced and somehow packs in a whole lot more drama, romance, steamy sex, and twists and turns than I was expecting in such a short read.

Back in the Italian’s Bed took less than an hour to read, so is the perfect quickie guilty pleasure!

– J’aimee Brooker, AusRomToday



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