AUTHORS ON THE EDGE: Amy Andrews and Ainslie Paton

Authors on the edge


Without any further ado, here’s part two of AusRom Today’s exclusive chat with authors Amy Andrews and Ainslie Paton


AusRomToday:           What can readers expect from Limbo/The Bliss King?

Amy: Honestly? Readers can expect to see a lot of Amy Andrews in the book. A lot of the urban-family elements that I love so much are in Limbo. There’s an extended cast and a wonderful sense of community reminiscent of small town romance. They’ll get humour. And sex. But they’re also going to get a mystery and hopefully some suspense as they worry and fret with Joy and Dash. Essentially they’re going to be getting the same. But different. It’s really just me with ghosts. And murder. And a hooker…


Ainslie: Readers can expect a wild read, a missed bus stop and no sleep.  A warning: do not start this when you need to be up early for work.  If you hate cliff hangers, and I know so many people do, (sorry – it has to be this way.  I promise it works out) wait till June, because the whole series will be available then.

Otherwise you get: one tortured, billionaire hero, and his beloved adopted and estranged brother and sister, one kidnapped good girl with a bad habit heroine, one strange town of drug slaves and sexual promiscuity, and lashings of moral ambiguity. You also get pirates and a reality TV producer.  I’m freaking myself out now.



Limbo by Amy Andrews


AusRomToday:           What’s the structure of the series?

Amy: Limbo is a three-part series. The next book, Neither Here Nor There will come out some time next year (I have to write it first….) There’s an overarching storyline of Dash striving to clear his name and bring the real culprit to his knees which plays out over the three books.


Ainslie: The Bliss King has four parts and they’re all written: Captive, Stolen, Lost and FoundCaptive and Stolen are cliff hangers of about 60,000 words each.  Lost is a novella which tells the story of the secondary couple (step-brother romance alert!) and Found wraps the mayhem up in a full length 100,000 word novel.

Captive releases April 27, Stolen, May 18, Lost, June 8 and Found, June 30.


AusRomToday:           Do we get a happy ending?

Amy: The answer to that is, sort of. I guess this is another thing that differs from my other books. As mentioned earlier I want Dash and Joy’s romance to be a slow boil and build throughout the series so they don’t, despite being pretty damn hot for each other, get a HEA at the end of Limbo. They certainly indulge in some sexy times but there’s no expectation on either side that it will lead to anything permanent. They part as friends who are both in very different stages of their lives and are both fine with that decision.


Ainslie: At least two HEAs, but delayed gratification is good for you.  I promise the wait makes it sweeter and also so much more epic.  All the pleasure is in wondering how on earth the couples manage to come together.


text book drug lord,

AusRomToday:           What kind of romance reader do you think might enjoy Limbo/Bliss King?

Amy: My kind of reader I hope. I think anyone’s who’s read either of my single-title urban family roms—Risky Business and Holding Out For A Hero—will enjoy Limbo. No, it’s not like either of them in some respects but in many ways it’s exactly like them. I think rom suspense readers will also enjoy the mystery elements. And the hot P.I.


Ainslie: Readers who enjoyed my romantic suspense novels, Detained or Floored might like The Bliss King.  Otherwise readers who want something out of the ordinary, and like a good adventure and a very tortured hero might like the journey.  There’s a bit of Indiana Jones by way of The Beach and Heart of Darkness about The Bliss King, but ultimately it’s a story about morality, redemption and love.



Find Amy’s upcoming release, Limbo, at Escape Publishing.

Find Ainslie’s The Bliss King here.


Part one of Amy and Ainslie’s chat about authors taking risks can be found here




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