HUMP DAY HUNK: Daniel De Lorne



HUMP DAY HUNK with Daniel de Lorne

You will meet a tall, dark stranger…


Today I’m talking with Hamish Roy, Scotsman, oracle and hunk of the new book Burning Blood. He’s here to tell us a bit about his life, his work and his loves.


Hamish, welcome.

Please, call me Hame.


All right, Hame. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Perhaps how old you are, where you were born, that sort of thing.

How old I am? That’s a tricky question. Thanks to my line of work and the people I’ve gotten involved with, I stopped ageing in my early 20s but as for how long I’ve been on this earth, I’m numbering somewhere in the high-600s.


So you’re immortal?

More or less. As for where I came from, from a young age I knew I had a gift for prophecy, however, growing up in the Highlands of Scotland with my clan, I couldn’t find a teacher who didn’t think I was possessed by some demon. I followed a vision and left my homeland, travelling down through the lands of the English and jumped aboard a boat bound for Normandy. There, at 12 years of age, I met my teacher, Loic. He was also an oracle, and an accomplished one at that. He took me in and taught me…or at least he tried to. [Hame laughs] I was a dunce. Completely useless as an oracle.


But now…I’ve heard you’re more than pulling your weight in the prophecy department.

That was Aurelia’s doing.


She’s an oracle too?

No, she’s a witch. Brother to vampires, daughter of demons. And she just happens to be my best friend.


Just a friend? Nothing more.

Now that would be giving away too much if I answered that.


Keep your secrets then but tell us who’s this Welsh witch?

Oh, Carn? Hmmm…what to say about Carn? I suppose all you really need to know right now is he’s not as powerful as Aurelia. In fact, he came to learn from her…but I saw him coming. I knew he was bringing with him all sorts of trouble, for Aurelia, for me, but let’s say there’s no denying he’s got something.


You mention trouble. Couldn’t you stop it? You’re an oracle, after all.

I can’t see everything. How boring would that be? I see enough to give me a warning, but we can always justify the warnings away, can’t we? Take bacon. We know it’s bad for us, yet we eat it, and then get upset when our arteries have clogged. Well, not that that happens to me. My body’s still as chiselled as it always was and always will be. Thank god, because I like bacon.


Back to Carn, how does Aurelia feel about him?

About the same way Carn feels about her. They’ve never got on. He’s jealous of her power, she’s jealous…of other things. Little do they realise they’re actually quite alike. Of course, Carn does a lot of things Aurelia doesn’t approve of but you’ll have to read the book to find out exactly what they are.


Not going to give us a hint?

No, but I can confidently predict, you’re going to like what you read.




Burning Blood (Bonds of Blood: Book 2)
Daniel De Lorne

From the author of the romantic horror debut Beckoning Blood comes the gripping sequel that mixes blood, sex, and magic.

No one gets to choose who they spend eternity with.

Aurelia d’Arjou has vampires for brothers, but it is as a witch that she comes into her own power, keeping balance and control, using her strength to mitigate the death and pain that her brothers bring. When she is forced to take on the centuries long task of keeping the world safe from the brutal demon that wore her father’s skin, duty dominates her life. But rare happiness comes in the form of a beguiling, flame-haired oracle who makes the perfect companion…but for one thing.

Hame doesn’t want to be an oracle, but when a demon destroys the closest thing to a father he has, he has little choice but to aid Aurelia with his visions. Unable to love her as she would wish, their centuries-old friendship comes under attack when a handsome Welsh witch enters his life – and his heart.

As treachery and betrayal push Hame to choose between his closest friend and his lover, it becomes clear that when it comes to war, love doesn’t always conquer all, and happy endings are never guaranteed.

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