REVIEW: Cari Silverwood’s ‘Yield’



Cari Silverwood

Wren, the rich girl with a tainted past, is on a crusade to track down her father’s murderer only to find not one, but two, bad men.

Moghul is a sadist and businessman, with a finger in every kinky enterprise he can get his hands on and a jaded view on life. When his eye turns to Wren, he realises how dull life has been. He hasn’t tried everything after all. When they can’t say no, things might be more…interesting.

Glass is the dominating ex-SAS soldier. Each man is determined to keep Wren for himself using methods that may be illegal, immoral, or likely to make somebody feel the pain for a long, long time.

If you lie down with bad men, be prepared to get up on your knees.

The ending will be the reader’s decision. Give Wren to the dark or to the light, then read the other ending if you wish to.

Warning: BDSM themes, graphic violence.




What AusRom Today thought:

Yield is a dark erotica read that features well developed characters, strong storyline, and painstaking detail of the complexities of emotional upheaval, sadism and BDSM in general.

Silverwood transports the reader into a no-holds-barred gritty and dark world of true sadism which is obviously not going to sit well with everyone but for readers who don’t mind being thrust into a highly emotional read, Yield won’t disappoint.

Wren’s character is strong, articulate and independent—characteristics that allowed me to enjoy the story much more than if she’d been a meek and mild character. Certainly as the story progresses and her journey deepens (and darkens) these attributes gave me a level of comfort that she was strong and confident enough to be forging her own decisions rather than a heroine who was being lead down the garden path and manipulated. I highly commend Silverwood on this aspect of the characterisation.

There is so much to be said about Yield however I feel I’d be giving away some of the aspects of the story that should be experienced by the reader first-hand. So my recommendation is simple: buy the book and make up your own mind!

Be aware: this is not a read for the faint of heart! Yield is an intense and dark read with strong leanings toward sadism, dubious consent, and some lesser-discussed aspects of BDSM. Overall, an enthralling read that will either leave you thirsting for more or running for the closest sweet romance for the HEA that Silverwood doesn’t give us!

– J’aimee Brooker, AusRom Today




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