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Freebie Friday with Vanda Vadas


What inspired this book?
The idea behind THE PIRATE LORD came to me approximately seventeen years ago. That is a story in itself which you can read about in MEET MY MUSE.

But why historical romance? When both my children had started school, and I’d gone back to work part-time, I decided to visit my local library and stock up on books to read while training it to and from work. Inspired by my travels to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe, I initially gravitated toward Native American Indian romance books and then moved on to medieval, regency and . . .Voilà! . . . Pirate romance.


Who are the main characters and why will we love them?
Lady Eloise Blakely is not your typical ‘of-age-to-marry’ aristocrat. You’ll love that she demands a man earn her respect, just not by conventional means. She’d rather challenge her suitors in swordplay, pistols or on horseback, rather than engage in polite conversation, or follow their lead onto and around the ballroom dance floor.

Eloise is the perfect, if not inconvenient match for pirate-turned-privateer Miles Zachary Fenton. He’s sworn vengeance against the man who has wronged him. For all the strength and determination it takes to clear his name of murder and reclaim his dukedom, you’ll fall in love with Miles, a man who overcomes his lust for revenge in favour of winning the hand, love, and respect of his headstrong and fiercely independent captive.


For you, what’s the best thing about Friday’s?
Now that our children lead their lives interstate and overseas, Friday heralds that warm, fuzzy feeling, whereby my husband and I usually chill out in the evening together after work. We’ll organise a take-a-way meal or dine at a local restaurant. We might combine that with a movie at home or at the local cinema. Regardless of what we organise, it’s ‘togetherness’ that is the best thing about Fridays.


What’s coming up next for you?
I’m currently writing a Scottish Historical which is set a few years after the battle of Culloden. I’ve twice visited Scotland and the Culloden battlefield. On a recent trip I visited the Isle of Skye and explored Dunvegan Castle, the seat of Clan McLeod. It’s one thing to do your research over the internet, or to read reference books, but to actually visit locations you intend writing about (as I did with THE PIRATE LORD), and to indulge your senses, takes research to a whole new level. It’s a process I thoroughly enjoy!




The Pirate Lord
Vanda Vadas

Can love for his beautiful, aristocratic captive rescue Miles from his lust for revenge?

A family tragedy steeped in deceit and betrayal saw Lady Eloise Blakely vow never to fall victim to a man’s charms, let alone invite him into her bed. Until fate swept her aboard a pirate’s ship and into its captain’s embrace.

Yet when he reveals a dark secret, her lover becomes her enemy…

Ten years ago, Miles Zachary Fenton was framed for murder. For so long he has fought to clear his name and reclaim his dukedom. Now, when both appear to be just within reach, he is forced to abduct a meddling beauty, one who wreaks havoc with his emotions and complicates his plans…

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3 Comments on FRIDAY FREEBIE: Vanda Vadas’ ‘The Pirate Lord’

  1. I love a good pirate book. I love how you have your Fridays together with your hubby (date night). My house if full to the brim at the moment with my MIL and my daughter returned to the household. I think I should insist on more date nights because yours sound just the ticket.

  2. Cassandra, how nice of you to stop by and leave a comment. Thank You! Good to hear that you also are partial to a pirate hero. And yes, Fridays are rather special for us. You do sound as though you have a busy household at present. Mayhap you could kidnap your hubby next Friday night and whisk him away, just the two of you, for a few hours or more.

  3. Sincere thanks, AusRomToday, for the opportunity to feature in MEET MY MUSE, HUMP DAY HUNKS, and FRIDAY FREEBIE. It’s been a joy and a pleasure. Thank you readers for your interest and support and congratulations to the winners of my book giveaway. I hope you enjoy reading my debut release, THE PIRATE LORD.

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