MEET MY MUSE: Stefanie London

Stefanie London


Meet My Muse with Stefanie London

This might sound horrible, but I’ve never really noticed when my muse is at work. It’s probably because she’s been hard at work, lurking in background while churning out story ideas for my entire life. My muse is not diva-esque, coming and going as she pleases in a burst of rainbow colours and glitter. Nor is she flakey, she doesn’t disappear on me or show up to work hungover and unproductive.

She’s like a constant hum in the back of my mind, as much a part of me as my arms or legs.

The story ideas come faster than I could possibly write them and, as such, I have snippets of work scattered all over my hard drive—snatches of an idea, bits of dialogue, random opening scenes and half-finished thoughts. I jot them all down as they come, with the hopes I’ll eventually make it to them all.

My current release is a book I’m so excited about. A Dangerously Sexy Christmas is out on November first and is book one in a new series for Harlequin Blaze about a group of people who work at a private security company in New York. The second book, A Dangerously Sexy Affair, will be out in April 2016.

The idea for this story was sparked by my love of ‘diamond thief’-style heist movies. While this book doesn’t feature a heist, it does have a mystery surrounding a very valuable diamond that has been missing for over a decade. There’s something magical about diamonds, I’ve always been fascinated by them and once this story took hold it just wouldn’t let go!

While writing this book, I learned that lots of inspiration doesn’t always make for a good mystery plot. I’m equal parts plotter and pantser when I write, so having a mystery involved in the storyline means a lot of tying up details at the end! The mystery changed a few times while I was writing the book, but I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end.

Writing this series has really pushed me as a writer. It’s steamier than what I’ve written in the past (because it’s Harlequin Blaze, so bringing the steam is a necessity!) and each story will have a very light mystery element which is totally new for me. But that’s the exact reason I love this book so much, I took a step outside my comfort zone, listened to my gut and I think the final product is better for it.


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