TELL US YOUR BACK STORY with Diane Demetre



TELL US YOUR BACK STORY with Diane Demetre

I’m sure I was born with high heels, sequins, feathers and an insatiable desire to perform. Terpsichore must have taken up residence in my soul as she’s kept me on my toes ever since. When I was two and wiggled my nappy off dancing in front of the radiogram, my parents pledged to find the money to send me to ballet classes when I was old enough. Growing up, I spent the happiest years of my life dancing, performing and acting in hundreds of show. Directing and choreographing major productions became my career until I scored the top job in Australia as the assistant to a famous Las Vegas director/choreographer for the first multi-million dollar extravaganzas at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast. It is from this wonderful world, both on and back stage I draw my inspiration for my Dance of Love series.

I’d never considered writing erotic romance but I couldn’t ignore the muse. My debut novel, Dancing Queen, refused not to be written. Loosely based on some aspects of my own life as a dancer, writing Dancing Queen was a walk down memory lane at times. Set on the Gold Coast in the heady, glamourous days of 1999/2000 when life was beautiful, and people were bold and brassy, it follows the exploits of a 42 year old ex-dancer as she embarks on a new single life and the erotic adventures and unexpected love she finds along the way. Dancing Queen was recently voted Luminosity Publishing Reader’s Choice Best Book and Best Cover 2015.

Tiny Dancer, Dance of Love, Book Two is a fast-paced story of a 24 year old dancer who joins the Moulin Rouge and battles her own demons, a wild, insatiable lover and the backstage bitchiness of the world’s most famous cabaret venue. Set in romantic Paris, Tiny Dancer gave me the opportunity to introduce the inimitable director/choreographer Tony Di Falco to my readers. Now he’s a man you need fire-proof gloves to handle!

My current WIP is Dance to a Gypsy Beat which is set in Spain with flamenco and tango as its core dance element. Dance to a Gypsy Beat has a slightly darker edge than the previous two books. With my main POV character being the hero, readers glimpse the world of erotic passions and love primarily from his perspective as he gives up all for the woman of his dreams. Turns at every corner in this one.

I write stand-alone love stories with a twist and they’re all laced with the divine feminine. Having worked as a stress and life skills therapist, personal development teacher and re-birther for many years, my writing practice always includes the divine feminine. Perhaps in the guise of a lucky win at the races, an accidental meeting with a magnificent stranger, a crazy French tarot card reader or gypsy rune readings, the divine feminine always gives a helping hand to my feisty, independent heroines. So whether they are looking for Mr Right or the Right Path, she is there guiding them to their happy-ever-afters. So although I plot, plan and develop an intense personnel file on each of my characters and chart the major turning points—once I start writing, the divine feminine and Terpsichore direct the steps and if they lead in a different direction, like a good dance partner, I follow.

Dancing Queen and Tiny Dancer are currently available and Dance to a Gypsy Beat is due for a May release. I can’t wait to see if there is another book waiting in the wings in the Dance of Love series after these three. All I can do, is keep dancing and writing 🙂



Tiny Dancer
Diane Demetre

Born to Dance… Dying to Love

At twenty-four, Samantha O’Brien scores her dream job as a dancer at the famous Moulin Rouge, only to arrive in Paris to find her well-laid plans in disarray. Fortuitously, Sam is rescued by the eccentric, tarot-card reading proprietress of Hotel Hollandaise, who cautions that Paris is for lovers, but not always love.

As Sam launches into her new career, the show’s super sexy, Sicilian stage director, Tony Di Falco reveals he is more than just a creative genius and hard taskmaster, leaving Sam to wonder whether secrets, specifically her own, are indeed best shared.

Meeting Philippe Lacroix, a struggling, young artist in Montmartre saves Sam from imploding under the pressure. He introduces her to the city of love, captivating her with his angelic good looks and sensuous touch. Yet the mounting attraction intensifies between Samantha and her passionate nemesis Tony, and a tense, sexually-charged relationship threatens to overwhelm them both. But the show must go on.

Filled with backstage bitchiness, tough rehearsals, a sprinkling of cocaine and the French addiction to cigarettes, Samantha grapples with her new life. Then without warning, Sam’s destiny changes literally before her eyes and she finally discovers that even in the most romantic city of the world, you don’t find love, love finds you.

Dancing Queen book trailer

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