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J’aimee, I could easily spend more than $10 with so much choice.

I’d allocate $4 for my Sweep-you-off-your-feet first meeting. In my latest release, ‘Conspiracy in Emilia Romagna’, Sofia DeRosa travels to Italy to clear her father’s name. She is literally swept off her feet when Riccardo Santini turns around in a queue. Sofia steps back, stumbles over a briefcase and would have ended up in a sprawling heap if Riccardo hadn’t caught her. For a moment she is held against his hard chest, staring into dark amused eyes, and for the life of her, she can’t breathe or think of a single thing to say.

$3 would go toward Conflict that forces personal growth. Sofia and Riccardo’s attraction to each other must be pushed aside, denied, forgotten. Their families haven’t spoken for thirty years because of deceit, lies and betrayal. Yet to protect his family name, Riccardo is forced into close proximity with Sofia, a woman he’s struggling to resist, a woman who would tempt the devil into changing his ways.

I’ll take $2 for Dizzying, sexual chemistry, which is beyond Riccardo and Sofia’s control. They fight it every step of the way, but fate keeps throwing them together in intimate surroundings. One intoxicating kiss will never be enough.

And finally, I will spend $1 on – Emotionally charged love affair. ‘Conspiracy in Emilia Romagna’ is set in the north of Italy. The Santinis’ and DeRosas’ are both proud families with a history of competiveness. Once upon a time they were great friends, now there is only contempt and distrust between them. Yet from the moment Sofia and Riccardo meet, they are on a roller coaster of desire, danger, and doubt, as they search for the truth behind their families feud.



Conspiracy in Emilia Romagna
Erin Moira O’Hara

SOPHIA DEROSA becomes entangled in a deadly web of deception when she sets out to prove the Santinis, a wealthy Italian family, were behind a conspiracy to destroy her father. Her plans come undone when she encounters Ricardo Santini, a man determined to guard his family name at all costs. After several attempts are made on her life, Sofia must trust in the very people she’s certain were behind the conspiracy.

RICARDO SANTINI is a tough negotiator and an intimidating adversary. He’s worked hard to restore the family vineyard after Giuseppe DeRosa almost destroyed it. The Santini’s are about to launch a chain of luxury hotels throughout Emilia Romagna when Sofia DeRosa arrives in Bologna. She is beautiful, strong-willed, and set on proving her father’s innocence. Ricardo finds her dangerously irresistible, yet to protect his family, he must keep her close.

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