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Lust-Have Sci-Fi


It’s time for another Lust-Have list and considering this week has seen the Winter Solstice, full moon, and a Strawberry Moon and the craziness that ensues we felt it was time to release our Twenty Lust-Have Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Fantasy novelists… So here goes, in no particular order:



Valerie ParvValerie Parv

One of Australia’s most successful authors with more than 30 million copies of her novels sold worldwide across the romance, romantic suspense, and science fiction genres. Valerie’s latest release, Homeworld, is due out on June 30.

Valerie Parv

Leaving Earth may be the only way to save it.

An alien warship looms over Earth, and the only beings with the power to stand in its way are scattered to the winds. The beacons’ messenger, Adam, has mysteriously vanished, and the watcher, Elaine, is a prisoner aboard the alien ship. Only the listener, Garrett, remains, and he must use any means available to reunite the beacons and save the planet.

Enlisting the help of celebrity Amelia Takei, Garrett is determined to answer the alien threat, but the warship’s captain has demands. Convinced that they played a part in condemning her race to a barren planet, the captain intends to force the beacons to take her to their home planet to seek revenge.

The beacons have an impossible choice – surrender to the alien captain’s demands, or put their adopted planet at even greater risk by fighting back. In a last-ditch attempt to turn defeat into a chance for the planet’s survival, Garrett and Amelia risk a daring raid on their enemy in space, where they make a startling discovery. Sometimes those you trust most can destroy you.



Imogene NixImogene Nix

From covert missions to escape planet Earth, sexy aliens, and feisty heroines, there aren’t many areas of science-fiction that Imogene Nix hasn’t covered! Imogene’s latest novel, The Star of Ishtar, has just been released!

The Star of Ishtar
Imogene Nix

Can two damaged hearts overcome the past and find a love that’s endless?

The first time Elara laid eyes on Grayson was when he rescued her from the clutches of a madman and his scientists who were kidnapping humans and conducting horrific experiments on them. That was years ago. In spite of her attempts to deepen their relationship, they remained nothing more than close friends.

Now Elara is a medic with the Admiralty, and she knows what she wants. It’s been Grayson since the beginning. When Elara is stationed on the Star of Ishtar, she arrives with a plan to further her career. But this time her plan has an added bonus—to finally get her man.

Grayson’s spent years fighting the connection between himself and Elara. He’s certain it only exist because he saved her life. But his will is failing, and he fears he just might give in to temptation.



Denise RossettiDenise Rossetti

An incurable romantic, Denise offers up happily-ever-afters with a liberal dose of heart-pounding adventure and the eventual triumph of good over evil. That’s a combination you’ve got to love!

Mine to Keep
Denise Rossetti

All Sandy wanted was some R&R in Sydney before joining the Earth Ship Siren as head of Military Police. What she gets is a night of mystery and pleasure with a man so wickedly fascinating he can’t possibly be law-abiding.

For professional con man Peter Stanton, Master Sergeant Alanna Sanderson, with her kick-ass body and cool blue eyes, is the most fun he’s ever had. Eight months later, on the Siren, he gets to meet her again, but now he’s Prisoner 141, and they’re out among the stars, half way to the penal colony on Solitaire.

When a micrometeroid shower strikes the convoy, Sandy and Prisoner 141 are stranded on a stricken ship. Will he pull off the ultimate confidence trick and sacrifice Sandy for his freedom?

If only she could command her heart as easily as she wields her stun gun, because when he betrays her, as he surely must, she’s going to have to kill him.



Athena DanielsAthena Daniels

With qualifications in metaphysics, natural therapies, and neuro-linguistic programming, it’s no surprise that Athena Daniels offers up mind-blowing romantic paranormal thrillers. We recommend The Seer’s Daughter.

The Seer’s Daughter
Athena Daniels

To save her, he must let go of everything he ever believed.

Upon returning to her hometown for her grandmother’s funeral, Sage Matthews is terrorized by a series of strange events that unfold in her childhood home. Sage dismisses each eerie occurrence as a by-product of her overwrought emotional state, until it becomes chillingly clear that something not of this world is desperate to get a message—or is it a warning?—through to her…

Detective Sergeant Ethan Blade comes to Cryton, South Australia, to catch a serial killer; three unsolved murders are tarnishing his stellar career. When Ethan meets Sage—the latest victim’s beautiful granddaughter—his attraction to her is explosive and inconvenient. He knows she’s not crazy, but Sage’s theory about the threat looming in town is unbelievable.

With the handsome detective rejecting her ideas, Sage embarks on the supernatural journey that her grandmother started. What she discovers shatters everything Sage ever knew about herself—and who she really is.

Ethan’s routine case quickly turns personal when he discovers Sage is the killer’s next target. For her, he’ll break all the rules and cross every line. But how can he protect Sage from an evil he cannot even conceive of?



Anna HackettAnna Hackett

USA Today bestselling author, Anna Hackett, is passionate about serving up romance, action, danger, and adventure to her dedicated reader-base. There’s plenty to choose from in Hackett’s back-catalogue including the Hell Squad, Phoenix Adventures, Anomaly, Ice Planet, Windkeepers, and Nocturne Bites series.

Time Thief (Anomaly series)
Anna Hackett

Bay North wants revenge, no, she craves revenge. Hunted for her psychic ability to steal time and forced to watch her family die, all she wants is to make the crime lord who’s taken everything from her pay. But now he’s set the ultimate hunter on her trail and Bay will need all her skills just to survive the gray-eyed, hard-bodied man out to kill her.

Ex-Navy SEAL Sean Archer has nothing left but a thirst for vengeance. After his team is killed in Afghanistan by a time thief, he came home a broken man. Now he hunts any of the monsters he can find, ready to rid the world of the dangerous mutation.

But when he finally tracks Bay to Denver, he doesn’t see a monster or a mutation, he sees a tough, beautiful survivor who ignites a desire he can’t deny. During a shootout, hunter and hunted find themselves thrust into a reluctant alliance that shatters all their defences. Can Sean convince a woman honed in revenge that they can have more than vengeance, blood and killing?


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