Build Us Your Ideal Story with Rebecca Moon

Rebecca Moon



Build Us Your Ideal Story with Rebecca Moon


$2 Erotic No-Holds-Barred Sex- Who doesn’t crave that kind of sex where desire and need are there is. There are no boundaries you won’t cross and nothing he won’t ask of you that you won’t do. Sue Charters from my new release, Stripped & Bound, finds exactly that when she meets Nick. The handsome vet has her breaking her resolutions and reverting to her old sexually charged habits.


$2 Dizzying Sexual Chemistry- The chemistry between Nick and Sue is electrifying and Nick finds he is unable to resist the stunning brunette. But the vet plays the ultimate gentleman by day, only succumbing to his sexual beast by night. To keep his social status and the persona he has built his life around he needs a woman that fits a certain mould. Sue is not that woman. But by giving up Sue is he passing up the opportunity to truly be happy?


$5 Happily Ever After- All of my books have a HEA. There is enough turmoil and terror in this world without it leaking into books. I love a good happily ever after and you will see that all my titles incorporate this even if it ends up a little unexpected. Stripped & Bound is my latest book and is available now for pre-order and will be released on the 6th of July 2016.


Ooh. I still $1 dollar left. Should I spend it or save it? Who am I kidding? Spend it!


$1 Unbreakable Connection Between Lovers- Ahhh. Love that cannot be broken is so sweet. And even in Stripped & Bound, our hero and heroine discover that no matter what life throws at them, they need each other. Adversary strengthens their relationship and builds a connection that is stronger than steel.




Stripped & Bound
Rebecca Moon

Nick Escrow is the most eligible bachelor in the Warnum-Bailiff District. The handsome vet has it all—he’s tall, handsome and intelligent, and portrays himself as the ultimate gentleman. But Nick has a dark, sexual side to him that needs to be fed.

He has always kept these two worlds apart—publicly, maintaining his elite profile by day, but feeding his inner beast and succumbing to his sexual depravity at the hands of a dominatrix, by night.

When Nick meets Kiera, the sweet, innocent admin assistant from the right side of town, she is exactly the type of woman that fits the mould he has created as an ideal partner.

Enter Sue, a woman who can excite and yet tame him, but has a reputation and is not the kind of woman you take home to your parents. With Sue, for the first time in his life, Nick feels free and complete but is faced with the ultimate decision.

Can he continue living a lie, or allow himself to be truly happy?

Available now for a special pre-order price of $0.99.

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