Tell Us Your Back Story with Cassandra Dean


Tell Us Your Back Story with Cassandra Dean

First off, thank you for having me. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Cassandra Dean and I write historical and fantasy romance ranging from sweet to steamy, and I’m so thrilled to share the Silk Series with you all.

The series arose from a single book—SILK & SCANDAL. My editor on that book asked me to turn it into a series, so I went away, had a little think and came up with a group of people who attended university at or lived in Cambridge in the early 1800s. Each book would have a person who loved the law—the SILK component—and the person they fell for—SCANDAL/SCORN/SCARS/SCHOLAR/SCARLET. Being set in the Early Victorian era, I wanted to have both men and women who loved the law, so I came up with four men who studied at Cambridge and two women who grew up there. Both women were a little obsessed with the law, and one in particular was ropable she couldn’t study….

Ah, Etta. I do love you and your firebrand, passionate ways. Etta can’t understand why she can’t study law, why she is excluded from something she loves. Her brain is just as good as any male’s, and in some cases even better. As a girl, she would drag her friend, Gwen, to the local pub to find students to argue law with. While there, she encountered Lord Christopher Hiddleston, and the handsome young lord was more than willing to push her buttons. He seemed to love riling her up, forcing her to a passionate defence of whatever subject she was certain he opposed just to annoy her. The greatest day of Etta’s life was when Christopher finally graduated…only to have him send her articles over the years, ensuring she never forgot him.

Now, Etta is developing a law college for women, along with her friend, the new Duchess of Sowrith. They’ve reached the stage where further funds are required, so they set about organising charitable events and fundraisers. To those events, they invite notable and famous people of the day, including Lord Christopher Hiddleston, now a famous Gothic novelist. So Etta has to deal with the man who annoyed her and generally drove her insane…and whose smile makes her overheated and breathless…

The fourth in the series, Etta and Christopher’s story, SILK & SCHOLAR, is in edits and will be winging its way to eBook shelves soon. I loved hanging out with Etta and Christopher. Etta is the most headstrong of the Silk characters, determined and forthright, and Christopher is a right devil, tugging Etta’s pigtails to get her attention.

The fifth and final book, SILK & SCARLET, is yet to be written, but will feature a private inquiry agent, a curious lady’s maid, and a murder mystery. Inspired by Gosford Park, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Sherlock, I’m looking forward to Nathaniel and Rose’s story, the shenanigans they get up to, and the way a highly logical private inquiry agent interacts with the inquisitive lady’s maid.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the Silk Series.

Cassandra xx


SILK & SCANDAL – Thomas & Nicola

SILK & SCORN – Arthur & Sarah

SILK & SCARS – Gwen & Edward

SILK & SCHOLAR – Etta & Christopher (forthcoming)

SILK & SCARLET – Nathaniel & Rose (forthcoming)



About the Author:
Cassandra Dean is a best-selling, multi-published author of historical and fantasy romance, roaming from Ancient Rome to Victorian to the Old West and beyond. Her books take readers on an emotional rollercoaster, from the lowest of lows to the joyous of highs, and, of course, her characters fall into the forever kind of love. Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.



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