Build Us Your Ideal Story with Annie Reynolds


Build Us Your Ideal Story with Annie Reynolds

When I first saw the challenge to build ideal story I spent my 10.00 🙂  Love the idea, so much fun.

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$2.00 Spent on dizzying sexual chemistry – I love a story that causes you to hold your breath and sucks you right in to the characters emotions, one that makes you want to rush to the end to check they get their happy ending, but holds you on the page you’re reading until the very end because you don’t want to miss anything in between the first and last pages.

$5.00 Spent on relatable, likeable female lead/s – One of my very most favourite stories I have read is by Emily Goodwin, Outside the Lines because I adore Felicity.  She is strong and relatable and if I could be anyone else in the world I would pick her, also doesn’t hurt that Ben is pretty darn hot too.

$3.00 Spent on passionate open-door sex – because well, it can be so frickin hot!

Never Too Late
Annie Reynolds

It is Gretna and Matt’s story, the first of a three book series.

Gretna James was supposed to be planning the perfect wedding, but when a tragic accident takes the man she loves, wedding plans turn into funeral preparations. Now she’s alone, her heart an even bigger mess than the house they were renovating for their future. That is, until she hires a local builder to put her broken home back together.

Matt Gilford hadn’t been looking for someone to fill the hole in his life, not until a chance call has him landing the opportunity he couldn’t turn down. He knows this could be his chance at a happy ending, but with Gretna still mourning a devastating loss, will he be able to fix her broken heart before it’s too late for them?

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1 Comment on Build Us Your Ideal Story with Annie Reynolds

  1. maggiermundy // November 3, 2016 at 8:59 am // Reply

    Love this and so agree with the open door sex. I know its not for everyone but I feel cheated sometimes.

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