Tell Us Your Backstory with Tricia Stringer



Tell Us Your Backstory with Tricia Stringer

My latest book, A Chance of Stormy Weather, was released on November 1st and I am already getting messages from readers about how much they enjoyed the read. Country readers are loving the story which they can closely relate to and city readers are enjoying the challenges faced by the main character, Paula, a new bride who marries a farmer just as seeding begins.

I think I was destined to write this story from birth. I grew up on a farming property on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Rural living is in my blood and although I no longer live on a farm, I still enjoy a country life.

Tricia with a lamb circa 1958

Tricia with a lamb circa 1958

Writers are advised to ‘write what you know’ however we can’t possibly know everything we write about. I also write historical saga but I wasn’t around in 1880. For me, the better saying is write what you love – what you enjoy reading, the issues that are dear to you, the people and places that touch your heart. I love country Australia.

I think country people get to experience city life but city people don’t often get the opportunity to live the day to day of country life. So my story came from the desire to share that experience and my love of farming.

I invented Paula, the Sydney girl who marries a South Aussie farmer, Dan, and moves to the country to live with him at the start of seeding or as it’s known in my region, tractor season. She has to cope with an old farm house, a mouse plague, and a mother-in-law in the shape of Dan’s aunt Rowena. Through Paula’s eyes we see all those things country people take for granted, poor mobile phone coverage, the paddock jargon and places that don’t exist on any map, finding our way on unmarked dirt roads and the preoccupation with the weather. Then there’s that enigma, the public and the private rural male. And unless you’re in a family business many don’t understand the intricacies of parents, children, partners all depending on the family farm for a living.

Paula loves her man but as the tag line on the cover says

“The city girl married her farmer. The problem was he came with a farm.”



A Chance of Stormy Weather
Tricia Stringer

City girl Paula married her lovely farmer, the only problem is he comes with a farm… Another heart-warming rural romance from the queen of Australian story-telling, Tricia Stringer.

Self-reliant Sydney girl, Paula, is looking forward to a new life in the country. Just married to sheep farmer Dan Woodcroft she can’t wait to escape her protective family and exchange her busy existence for a new life down on the farm in rural South Australia.
But life on the farm proves rather different to what she was expecting. Why does everyone talk about the weather all the time? Why does no one seem worried by the mice plague? And how is she supposed to feed all those shearers?

With Dan’s brusque Aunt Rowena to contend with, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend showing up with a grudge, and communication between her and Dan breaking down, Paula begins to question whether she can cope — is the life of a farmer’s wife is really for her? Forecast: stormy weather.

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