Build Us Your Ideal Story with Elizabeth Ellen Carter


Build Us Your Ideal Story with Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Thank you so much for inviting me to play this game. It looks simple but boy, it’s not easy!

$5 Spent on Happily ever after
I have to have a happily ever after, not because it is a fairytale option, but rather, as an author, you can put your characters through a large amount of conflict through which your hero and heroine grow and emerge as stronger people and much more in love than ever before.

And in my Roman-era historical suspense Dark Heart, Marcus and Kyna really do go through a large amount of drama before they get to to enjoy their lives together!

$3 Spent on Conflict that forces personal growth
Conflict is the way we understand the true character of our hero and heroine and test the resolve of their love.

Attraction is easy and sometimes fleeting, so there has to be something more that pulls our couple together than just sexual chemistry. Sexual chemistry is more powerful when it is product of an emotional and spiritual connection. We see that connect develop through conflict through which we see our hero and heroine’s emotional and intellectual growth, that very thing which helps them to be the best person they can be.

$1 Emotionally charged love affair
A great romance is built on passion, not just of bodies, but also a connection of minds There is a special bond between a hero and heroine in love. They become the epitome of the traditional marriage vow of ‘two become one flesh’.

$1 Unbreakable connection between lovers
This is one of the cores of a great romance. Whether it is at the beginning of their relationship or whether it is long established, the true essence of a Happily Ever After is the confidence the reader has, that no matter what life throws at our hero and heroine, nothing will separate them.

Dark Heart
Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Set during the turbulent times of the Barracks Emperor’s 3rd Century AD Rome, Dark Heart is a historical romantic suspense.

Can love survive a dark heart?

Rome, 235AD

A series of ritual murders of young boys recalls memories of Rome’s most wicked Emperor. Magistrate Marcus Cornelius Drusus has discovered the cult extends to the very heart of Roman society.

Despite his personal wealth and authority, Marcus is a slave to his past – conflicted by his status as an adopted son, bitterly betrayed by his wife and forced to give up his child.

Kyna knows all about betrayal. Sold into slavery by her husband to pay a gambling debt, she found herself in Rome, far from her home in Britannia. Bought by a doctor, she is taught his trade and is about to gain her freedom when her mentor is murdered by the cult.

When the same group make an attempt on her life, Kyna is forced to give up her freedom and accept Marcus’s protection. With no one to trust but each other, mutual attraction ignites into passion but how far will Marcus go for vengeance when he learns the cult’s next victim is his son?

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