REVIEW: Louise Guy’s ‘Everyday Lies’


Everyday Lies
Louise Guy

For Emma and Lucie, the art of lying appears all too easy . . .

Emma Wilson has it all. Beauty, wealth, a loving and successful husband. But appearances can be deceptive. Bored and restless, her need for more fuels a dangerous craving; one she intends to keep hidden. Against her husband’s wishes and trapped in a deep web of lies, Emma returns to the family and hometown she left seventeen years earlier. Here, her lies magnify, threatening to destroy her marriage and all she holds dear.

Widowed and struggling financially and emotionally, Lucie Andrews is pushed to her limits. Delayed grief combined with an obstinate five-year-old drive her to rash decisions and reckless behavior, the consequences of which she is determined to keep secret. For Lucie, the most damaging lies are not the ones she tells others, but those she tells herself.

Thrown together by circumstance, will friendship be strong enough for Emma and Lucie to survive the fallout from their lies, or will the fragile threads of their lives continue to unravel?



AusRom Today Review:

Louise Guy’s foray into women’s fiction, Everyday Lies, is a brilliant and compelling read that highlights Guy’s superb storytelling abilities.

Tackling the notion that there are consequences regardless of sometimes too easily accepting the lies we tell ourselves (and others) was never going to be an easy feat yet Guy presented this aspect of the story seamlessly. The characters were relatable and you could certainly empathise with them both and their respective situations. The addition of Florrie was quite brilliant really, it added an extra level of balance to the story and she brought a level of wisdom that sometimes we all need and crave. I came to think of Florrie as the wise, caring, but no-nonsense grandma we all deserve.

A sincere congratulations to Guy on her debut women’s fiction novel.



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