BUILD US YOUR IDEAL STORY with Alyssa J Montgomery


BUILD US YOUR IDEAL STORY with Alyssa  J Montgomery

What a tempting menu you’ve put together for those of us with voracious romantic appetites, J’aimee! With so many tasty treats, it’s difficult not to be a glutton! So, I’ll spend my $10 wisely, enjoy each course and leave the table feeling satisfied for now, and wanting to return to the restaurant to indulge my senses in another banquet at a later date.

I’ll have a $2 Take-charge hero, similar to my Prince Devereaux in my latest release, The Irredeemable Prince.

$2 worth of dizzying sexual chemistry, as he enjoys with his fabulous heroine.

2 x $3 of conflict which inspires personal growth. I simply have to have two serves of this! Because Devereaux is stuck in a rut trying to achieve his goals he’s starting to distance himself emotionally from his brother. Of course, he needs a heroine to make him see the error of his ways and to reassess his priorities so he can achieve personal growth. I need the second serving, because just as my hero grows, so does my heroine. In her conflict, she needs to drop her baggage at the door and start trusting her judgement in her personal relationships with as much confidence as she handles every situation she comes up against in her professional relationships. My ideal story is where both hero and heroine grow from their relationship with each other—each complementing the other as in the two halves of the stronger whole.

There’s the $10 gone already, without having spent on an emotionally charged love affair, an emotional connection to the reader, or any of those other fabulously satisfiying dishes. Good thing I’m not limited to a $10 menu in my books, as I can guarantee I’d go well over budget!!


The Irredeemable Prince is book 2 in the Royal Affairs series published by Escape Publishing. The third book, The Formidable King, will be released shortly, and I’m currently working on the fourth and final book in the series which is about Prince Marco and is yet to have a firm title. There’s a bone teaser at the end of The Irredeemable Prince—the first chapter of The Formidable King. I was really thrilled when my editor for The Irredeemable Prince, Brooke Moody, got to page 6 and wrote “I hope you’re going to write King Gabriel’s story because I’m just loving him as a character”, because it was my intention to write his story next.


So far, reviewers on Goodreads and Netgalley have commented very positively on the “twists and turns” in the plotline of The Irredeemable Prince. That’s been really pleasing as when I was writing the story, I actually had several “Ah! Really? That’s why!” moments myself!!




The Irredeemable Prince
Alyssa J Montgomery

The ultimate royal bad boy is about to meet his match…

If one ever needs to find Prince Devereaux of Santaliana, one needs only look for the nearest newspaper. His Royal Highness is sure to be splashed across the scandal pages…

But enough is enough, and Prince Devereaux’s formidable brother King Gabriel is stepping in. No more night clubs, no more drinking, absolutely no more one-night-stands with up-and-coming models. Devereaux will step into his responsibilities, or he will be cut off.

For his own reasons, Devereaux submits to the stpilulations that his brother sets out, even as he chafes at the restrictions. But the recalcitrant prince is about to find out that self-improvement can be surprisingly seductive…

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  1. Thanks for hosting me on this segment J’aimee!

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